Thursday, March 29, 2007

More pictures (Tummy, Ultrasound, Brad & I, Shower, Kitty . . .)

Me and my tummy!
(33 1/2 weeks)

Fuzzy picture of the ultrasound
taken at 20 weeks

Brad and I at father's

Opening one of the many, many gifts
at my baby shower (with some help)

Kitty thinks it was all for him
(he is in for a shock!)

36 weeks (9 months) along!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

first blog (ever)

Hello all!

I thought I would enter the technological age and take advantage of “blogging” to keep in touch with everyone (or at least those who are into this sort of stuff). Anyways, keeping touch is very important to me and I always love to hear for people and I am very interested in what everyone is doing.

In terms of my life right now: as most of you know, I am in sort of a transition, a waiting, a calm before the storm sort of period. However, this wont last long! I expect the baby that is currently crammed into my huge tummy to make his entrance soon. At present I am estimated to be about 35 1/2 weeks along, meaning I have 4 1/2 weeks to go until my due date. However due dates are of course only an estimate and mine in particular is probably quite vague, so all we know is: sometime soon! Again by these estimates, only a week and 1/2 until he is considered full term, which is very reassuring. So basically my life revolves around this little life growing inside me. Suddenly it seems very close and very real. Today Brad and I visited the hospital; now at least we know where to go (they were too busy for us to actually see a room)! So far this whole has been both the most amazing and most terrifying of my life, and I fully expect parenting to be the same.

Below are two pregnant pics (and soon I hope to post more):

At 5 months 3 weeks (23 weeks)

And again at 8 months 1 week (33 weeks) with kitty!

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their love and support! Yesterday I had the most amazing baby shower and I was totally overwhelmed by all the love. I cannot say thank you enough!

Sweet dreams!