Monday, December 17, 2012

Signs that Joseph is getting super big

  • First loose tooth!!  Joseph discovered this last weekend while trying to eat an apple.  He won't be able to do that again for awhile.  It is super wiggly, but still hanging on.
  • He reads to us and is just starting to think of reading to himself.
  • And he likes to do addition problems for fun??
  • We share gloves and hats (this has been going on for awhile).
  • I've joined the PTF (Parent Teacher Friends) organization--but you can tell I'm a newbie. Life get's very busy when your child starts kindergarten btw, there's the PTF, fundraisers, bake sales, school activities, and of course . . .
  • He is beginning to join in organized sports--and I am realizing that we will have to make some decisions, because you can't do them all.  He just finished the learn to skate program in Middlebury and is quite the little skater now!  Currently he is also joining the once a week basketball program at his school.  He is also really REALLY hoping to join wrestling in Jan.  We will see . . .
  • Also he has some serious chores now.  These have changed around a bit, but currently he feeds the cats, changes the litter, and sets the table!

Monday, November 26, 2012

First book Joseph read to me!

After, years of me reading to him, Joseph finally can return the favor . 

I think I already mentioned this in the kindergarten post, but Joseph has learned an amazing amount of academic skills since starting school.  I’m still a bit ambivalent about the amount of focus on academics, but I am very proud of his skills!

To be clear, it is a very simple book.  He is not reading fluently, but can sound out most simple words, recognize many words, and figure a lot out from the context. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

September Fun

Finally I am up to September!  I love these pics from my friend and co-worker Sam’s wedding.  Fun times!  These are from the photo both.


And, back to the typical stuff here.  A hike up Snake Mt.


Later that day Joseph got to ride in a fire truck in the Shoreham Day parade!


A visit with grandpa Fred’s puppies!


Family time at the cabin.


Joseph and cousin Troy spent most of the weekend fishing at the pond.  So cute.  Especially since there are no fish so they knew they wouldn’t catch anything, but still they “practiced.”  They also took a long trek, with older cousins Jasper and Killian, to the creek WAY in the woods for some fishing.   Joseph couldn’t have been happier than with all these adventures.


This is where my camera started stopping working, but still love the memories.


Bike riding in Bristol.


We had a wonderful visit with GG as well, though not well documented.


One of our visits to the orchard.  We really enjoy living in the land of apples!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Can you help??!

Here in Shoreham we are working hard to raise money to replace the old carpet that currently covers the gym floor.   The gym is the only large meeting room in the school and in the whole town.  It is used for athletic programs, PE, art, music, as the cafeteria, all school meetings and performances, and more.  Outside of school hours it is also used for community functions such as performances, yoga, and town meeting.  With a more typical and functional floor it can be used for even more.  I think this is a great cause, in a great town and we would so appreciate any help.  A lot of work has already been done, with more than $23,000 already raised.  We are hoping to reach our $30,000 target and put the new floor in over the holiday break.  Thanks all!

Contributions can be made on-line at, or to the school directly, made payable to Shoreham Elementary School, 130 School Rd., Shoreham, VT 05770.  THANK YOU!


Here is what is written on the fundraising website:

The Shoreham Parents, Teachers, and Friends group is leading the effort to replace the 20+ year-old carpet that currently covers the gym floor and is installed over cement tiles. We have raised $20,000 to date and just received a $1,500 grant. We want to install a poured urethane floor resting on pads - this is the kind of floor a gym should have!

After hearing about the grant we received, a local donor has issued a challenge grant of $3,000 to encourage others to donate and help us reach our goal by the end of 2012.

The $20k was raised through our annual Apple Blossom Derby Road Race (the last 3 races). After demonstrating community support and raising more than half the total of $35,000 needed, we have begun applying for grants. We are waiting to hear back on some of those.

More than 50% of the children in our school qualify for free and reduced lunch, and it's a big deal for our little town of 1,200 people to raise larger sums of money. That's why we're asking for a little help from our family and friends through this online campaign.

Every little bit will help us close the funding gap so that a new floor can be installed over the holiday break.

Our gym serves many purposes for the school (athletics, cafeteria, art room, music space, inside recess space) and is also our town's only large-scale meeting space. Various groups use the space from yoga classes to 4H Club. The annual town meeting is also hosted in the gym.

It is a true community space in an awesome little community.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

August 2012 Photos


Swim lessons!  Fun as always.


Playtime and a picnic under an apple tree with friends.


More swim lessons.  I was so impressed when he jumped off the diving board (without a lifejacket!)


After swim lessons one day we spent the afternoon with friend Alex and his mom.  We went to the Waterhouses on Lake Dunmore and alternated between fishing and swimming.  It was a total blast!


One day I got a surprise phone call that my best friend Jenn was in town—although the circumstances were sad it was a wonderful visit.


Field days 2012—started with the sything as usual.


Joined two grandpas watching the draft horse pulling


Kids barnyard



Rides with friend Ben on his bday


Watched the very second rate magician two times and got onstage as usual!


Field days this year was marked by volatile weather.  Sunny hot days and down pours each evening.  We spend 9 hours their thu and fri and each evening Brad joined us after work just as the skies opened.  But we found lots of undercover fun.



We spent much of thu. night under the big tent enjoying the sport of tug-of-war.  Joseph got in on the unorganized, chaotic, but very entertaining fun. 


Rides on Friday.


For the last two years Joseph—who is seemingly fearless on rides—has been begging to go on the Alien.  This is the ride that is enclosed and spins very quickly and then you rise up the sides.  His friend Megan is just as fearless and somehow they convinced her dad to take them.  I almost had a heart attack, but Joseph loved it. 


Bumper cars were a huge hit as well.  It was supposed to pour Fri. and was cloudy, so the lines were short!


A huge highlight this year was the awesomeness of the arm-wrestling competition.  It is quite the big thing and fills up the main stage into the night on Friday.  Joseph could have not have been happier after proving his prowess.


Brad gave it a try as well.  He didn’t dominate as Joseph did but made it to the second round.  They both have big plans for next summer! 


Vacation bible school here in Shoreham was a huge hit.  They had 30+ children which is really amazing considering that there are only 80 children in the school.  Anyways, every night for a week the kiddos enjoyed activities and dinner.  It was very well organized and the kids loved it!


On the last night we had a big campfire and the children presented the songs they had been working on.


This was at our friend Eli’s bday party.  Joseph was in heaven finally getting his hands on one of these little battery powered cars (well until he ran the battery down.)  He and a friend decided to harvest corn.  Cutting the stocks down, getting the corn off, husking it, and piling it in back kept them entertained for a long time. 


Pinata time


Pin the tail on the donkey


Fun on Eli’s trampoline


Another day at the river with the Allensons.  One of our very favorite activities.


Play time with the neighboors grandkids; another of our favorite things.


And, the same day Joseph started school, I started my first graduate class (in the counseling program at UVM).  It is quite the change for me to drive up to the big city of Burlington every week.  I am enjoying the course very much!