Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jan and Feb pics!

He LOVES sledding!

Brad, Amy, Bri, Joseph and I all tried out our skating legs (while Bob and Jacob joined in the fun). There was a lot of holding on to the side . . .

Joseph loves any sort of project!

We took the new ferry across Lake Champlain. Here is what is left of the old bridge.

Making--and tasting--Valentines cookies!

This past Wednesday we finally got some more snow. And we went all day without any power!

And then it warmed right up. On Friday Joseph had a good dirty wet romp. There was still 6 inches of snow and the thermometer in the sun read 96 degress.

Now we are on to our newest springtime adventure: making syrup!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Since my dream of visiting every state isn't happening any time soon . . .

I can pretend! I think this Great American Postcard Swap sounds like a blast. The idea is that a family from each state signs up and then each week it is someone's turn to send 49 postcards to all the other participants. I am representing VT in the second swap group. Fun, fun! Come join us!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There are a few changes afoot around here. For one, I have been working hard to take better care of myself. This includes a number of things, such as joining Weight Watchers! I joined in December, but wimped out, so I consider my real start date January. Since then I have lost 15 pounds. Hopefully I can keep that up (we will see-right now the Valentines cookies Joseph and I are making are giving me trouble . . . but, what's Valentines without cookies?). Brad continues to be super busy with work; usually12 (long, cold, psycho hard-working) hours a day, 6 days a week, SO sometimes I do need time to myself! I am trying to be a better friend to myself--even when I don't keep the house as nice as I would like it, have some trouble with my temperamental two-year-old, don't live up to my super-mom aspirations, who cares?

I also, finally, found a job that fits my schedule perfectly. I will be working two and half days a week at the
Addison County Parent/Child Center . This is a wonderful organization that I have supported and known of (to some extent) for a long time. My position is childcare provider and parent educator. Besides taking care of the children, we are also intended to act as educators and models for the young parents who work alongside us as part of their program to learn both parenting and job skills. The center has a very large staff and serves the community in many, many ways, including by conducting the weekly playgroups that Joseph and I attend. I know many people who have been and are well served by them. Hopefully this will be a good fit!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweater #2!

and this took about 1/3 as long as the last (1/2 a year instead of a year and 1/2). I am really proud of this one! It looks MUCH better than my first.

I didn't have much luck getting Joseph to model it. First he told me I needed to add a pirate before he would wear it. Then I gave him a whole shpeal (sp?) about how it hurt my feelings he wouldn't put it on, since I worked SO hard on it, etc, etc . . . and he finally will wear it (nice to know sometimes I can get through to him). But he still didn't have any use for a photo shoot. Oh well. I just bought yarn for a sweater for myself (very scary) and am currently working on my first hat. Lots of fun!

***Update: Just after posting this I got a better picture as we were getting ready for story hour at the library: