Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Lately a few happenings have particularly reminded me of my grandfather, Roger Shattuck.  Roger was and still is one of the most important people in my life, though he passed away five years ago.  He was such a singular and brilliant man I feel unable to briefly explain him here and now.  So, I have decided not to try.  Also, most of you, my dedicated and limited audience, knew him quiet well.

I have recently picked up the habit of calling Joseph by his first and middle name when the emphasis is needed, as in “Joseph Roger, do not pee there!”  I also heard a fun commentary on NPR about a school in Milton that is incorporating an extensive study of proverbs into it’s upper elementary curriculum.  As scary as it is to use the word curriculum with any relation to Roger (he had very definite and strict ideas about what did and did not qualify as a curriculum) I do remember him often speaking of the wisdom and importance of proverbs.  Not only does the idea of making use of them in a school setting appeal to me, I also realized that I Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Bob Petillo Giclee Reproduction ~ 14/' x 20/'can use them more at home!  Currently I am often quoting to J, “think before you act” and we have had a bit of discussion about the meaning of this wisdom.  My goal is to say and follow-as best I can-these proverbs so much so that they become part of J’s subconscious . 

On the literary front, I found a copy of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod at the used book store, gave it to Joseph, and love enjoying this favorite poem of Roger’s together.

Best of all, Joseph and I are now reading Alice In Wonderland together!!  If I recall correctly, Roger cited this book as his best loved.  That means a lot to me.  This book had occurred to me as a possibility for Joseph when I was Christmas shopping (at all three of my local bookstores—one new and two used) but I then decided it might be a bit too advanced.  Plus, ashamedly, I had never actually read the whole thing so didn’t really know what it was like.  Then, one day last week, J was very quite upstairs for a long time and then came down with a copy of said book in his hand begging for me to read it to him!  It is also a bit embarrassing that I didn’t remember I already had a copy of the book, though in my defense it is a small and simple Dover edition with only the original drawings that was among boxes of such Dover books I took home when I worked at The Vermont Book Shop.  Anyways, the point is, Joseph somehow found this among all the books on the “grown-up” book shelves and was fascinated by the fanciful illustrations.  Together we are now loving our adventure down the rabbit hole!

Often other, small things bring him to mind.  Stacking wood.  Garlic soup.  J running around in his long underwear all day today after we went skating.  Making bread.  I am so grateful for his example and wisdom and love sharing it with Joseph.   Of course, many things I do are not so close to Roger’s memory, blogging and imperfect writing being high on that list.  But, I do my best, in my own way. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holy holidays!

I don't think I have ever done so many holiday activities, but we are really having fun this season.  Joseph is at a very good age for enjoying the festivities!

IMG_0050 IMG_0061 IMG_0063 IMG_0064

We went into Middlebury for their big holiday day, just as we did last year.  We visited the train exhibit and other exhibits and activities at the Henry Sheldon Museum (always our favorite), the gingerbread house competition at the Folk Life Center, a clown at the library, and of course Santa at the Community House (Santa is still pretty scary for J, hence the funny face).


After that we met up with Brad and Bob (granpa) to hunt for a Christmas tree in the Lincoln woods where I grew up.  This is the first year since Joseph was born that we have done this and I think we will make it a tradition.  We had a really wonderful time and went on quite a trek!

 IMG_0079 IMG_0080

Impossible to get everyone to look normal.

 IMG_0081 IMG_0082

So beautiful!

 IMG_0083 IMG_0085

And we eventually found a tree!  Quite a good one actually.

 IMG_0086 IMG_0097 IMG_0102 IMG_0108


 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0114

We also met up with Bob for a Hanukah party in Middlebury.  Again, Joseph was able to enjoy this much more than other years.  He even one a long game of Dreddle and joined up for some Islreali folk dancing. This was very special for me since I adore dancing!

 IMG_0117 IMG_0119

Another very favorite part of the season for us is crafting!  I made the wreath and the Joseph and I made the garland.  I even let J use a real needle.  He worked very hard at it, but I realized that we wouldn't be making enough for the tree and put it on the wreath instead.  I love it!

 IMG_0120 IMG_0128

Enjoying the snow and stacking wood.


Since we now have three kitties there have been numerous ornament casualties.  J and I have been working on making unbreakable ornaments,. 

 IMG_0184  IMG_0248

IMG_0224 IMG_0239

Gingerbread houses are Joseph’s very favorite passion right now.  Above he is “posing” with the one he made at school.  I thought it was pretty neat that they actually made the structure themselves.  The day that they were to decorate Joseph was so excited he woke up at four in the morning!

  IMG_0262 IMG_0264

IMG_0003 IMG_0004

This weekend we went with Grandma to NY to make gingerbread houses and cookies with cousins Bri and Jacob.  Joseph had been dreaming about making his house all week and spent  a LONG time on his masterpiece.  I could not believe how he lined up all those tiny candies.

IMG_0268 IMG_0272 IMG_0275 IMG_0278 IMG_0279

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I am turning into my parents

Now that I have my own little one I am seeing more and more ways in which we do things similarly to my parents.  I am following in their footsteps in ways that I never imagined!

  • Garden-growing up my parents had numerous amazing gardens and I never appreciated it all.  In fact, I didn’t really like either the chores or the vegetables.  Now, I am a total convert.  I adore our little garden that we have been working on here and dream of doing more.  I enjoy the chores and the produce!   
  • Playing in bed with J-I fondly remember playing in bed under the cover with my mom on weekends, when she--like me--wasn’t too enthused about getting out of bed.  Now J and I do the same!
  • Lists and labels-This is something my father and I share.  Lists and lists.  Brad likes to say I make lists about making lists.  Not true, but close. And I am even starting to label a little bit . . .
  • Collecting books-The house I grew up in had books in every nook, and my collection is starting to look that way.  Awhile ago a friend commented about how crazy her hubby was for holding onto his college text books.  I laughed—because I still have most of mine!  And when I told this story to my father, he topped me, saying he still had some of his!
  • Wood heat-Like my parents, Brad and I try to do things as simply as possible.  Brad cuts all our wood from our woods and last year we only had wood heat.  This year we did get a small backup propane tank, but haven’t touched it yet.  My parents didn’t have anything but wood heat until I was born.  (We also haven’t had a working dryer since last spring.)
  • VPR-Again, was a major part of my childhood, and something I complained about.  Now it’s on a lot of the time here!  (Actually, I swear that it was a lifeline when I was home full-time, and sometimes I still need it for this reason.)
  • Anti-commercialism-My mom would never allow me to have Barbie's and I didn’t have many of the other traditional toys either.  I had the very best toys: the woods and nature.  Joseph has already picked up on the fact that he doesn’t have the same toys as other kids and it is hard to stick to, but I really don't believe in all that branded, cheap, plastic.
  • Vermont—I grew up here; always wanted to leave until I finally left and then came right back to stay.  Now I am so happy to be raising my little guy here!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Until very recently Joseph has not been very interested in letters and numbers, though he has friends that know all their letters and have been writing for a long time.  In the last month or so I noticed him taking more  interest in talking about letters, but he still would not try to write them.  He is a bit of a perfectionist and has always been intimidated by the task.  BUT, today we were at the library and the boy we were sitting next to (who is the same age as J) nicely wrote his name on his picture.  Joseph watched, and then calmly asked me, “how do I write my name?”  I told him what to do and this is what he came up with:


I was shocked!  And excited. 

My philosophy has always been to just expose J to numbers, letters, and other early learning skills and let them develop as naturally as possible.  I think that at this age children’s real task is to PLAY.  They will spend plenty of time in school when older.  Using their imagination, getting outside, learning how fun books can be, playing with others, building loving relationships, and security are most important.  This is also the perspective of J’s “teacher.”  That being said, it was hard not to notice as others moved ahead in these preschool skills.  Comparing kiddos is mostly best avoided, but hard not to do.  Now, he still isn’t the most advanced, but it is fun to see him enjoy this new adventure. 

IMG_0042 - Copy

Here is some writing he did about half a year ago on a very rare occasion that he showed interest.  I think it is cute because the first letter he wrote was H for his bud Hadley.  He also had done “O” a couple times.  That is all until today.

  IMG_0019 IMG_0014 IMG_0013

Last night he wouldn’t stop doing his workbook and tonight it was writing.  He also didn’t know how to spell his name until all of a sudden today he will tell you J-O-S-E-P-H without hesitation.  Not sure what is going on, but this is all quite fun and exciting.  I love watching him concentrate and work so hard ;-) 


Lastly, here is his letter to Santa, as dictated.  Don’t be specific or anything Joseph.  I tried to get him to come up with some other ideas (especially since for the last month or so he has been telling me everyday new things he wants for Christmas) but this was all I could get out of him today. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picture fatigue

I go through spells with my picture taking.  Sometime I worry I am focusing too much on taking pictures and preserving the moment for the future and for others.  I don’t want to lose enjoying the moment for us NOW.  Plus it seems a bit indulgent.  And what to do with all the pics?  Also, we have all been a bit sicky.  Halloween I certainly normally take pics—I mean all kids look adorable dressed up—but I was really out of it.  Not a single pic exists from this years Halloween.  Did it really happen? ;-)  It did, some parts were fun, and luckly we have plents off dress up pics and memories since it is a daily occurance around here anyways. 

Anyways, here are a couple photos that have been hanging out on my camera:


J sleeping with Shu-shi (shoe-shee), his best bud in the entire world.  We decided to keep the last uncleamed of Margot’s kittens.  He is almost all black and such a doll.  Really, he has been dressed up and carried around and tucked into bed and put in all sorts of containers and much, much more.  For some reason he puts up with it all and then comes back for more.  And then cuddles J when he is sleeping.  The majority of J’s waking time at home is spent playing with little Shu-shi.




We LOVE visit Grandma and grandpa and their beautiful horses!





 IMG_0144 IMG_0149


Halloween weekend we spent all Saturday at the festivities in Middlebury to celebrate both Halloween and the opening of the new bridge.  This was lots of fun!






Pretty cattle in the sun (at West Street Dairy, where Bogie came from).



 IMG_0154 IMG_0161

One of my very favorite memories this month: our first snow and snow day!  I was sent home from work, picked up J, and Brad even came home from work.  It looks kind of lame, but J convinced me to get out his sled, and he was right: we could actually get up some good speed going down the driveway.  It was great to celebrate the natural holiday with lots of play outside (in weather when almost everyone else did not venture out) and then with (homemade) hot cocoa after.  Our first snow tradition!





Second trip to the dentist.  He was great!




 IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Walking across the new bridge and watching the river and train.

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0012

Only pictures from Thanksgiving.  They had fun making letters with their bodies as well as doing all sorts of other tricks.  We spent the morning at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Shoreham and then headed to Great-grams in Lincoln for the evening and a sleepover.  Lots of fun!! 

This morning at the library Joseph also got his very own library card.  We finished “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (his first chapter book) and felt this was a good way to celebrate.  So cute and exciting.  I am feeling extremely happy and thankful lately.  Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is good!