Monday, December 17, 2012

Signs that Joseph is getting super big

  • First loose tooth!!  Joseph discovered this last weekend while trying to eat an apple.  He won't be able to do that again for awhile.  It is super wiggly, but still hanging on.
  • He reads to us and is just starting to think of reading to himself.
  • And he likes to do addition problems for fun??
  • We share gloves and hats (this has been going on for awhile).
  • I've joined the PTF (Parent Teacher Friends) organization--but you can tell I'm a newbie. Life get's very busy when your child starts kindergarten btw, there's the PTF, fundraisers, bake sales, school activities, and of course . . .
  • He is beginning to join in organized sports--and I am realizing that we will have to make some decisions, because you can't do them all.  He just finished the learn to skate program in Middlebury and is quite the little skater now!  Currently he is also joining the once a week basketball program at his school.  He is also really REALLY hoping to join wrestling in Jan.  We will see . . .
  • Also he has some serious chores now.  These have changed around a bit, but currently he feeds the cats, changes the litter, and sets the table!