Saturday, April 26, 2008

Les Animaux

The chickens really do exist and here is proof. We are having so much fun with them and they seem to enjoy themselves roming all over. It feels like a party here everyday with all the activity!

There the chickies are! Yay!
Floyd, Maybelle, Leona, Dorris, Hattie, Gyneth and Mrs. Perfect. Do you see the pattern?

Our first eggs! We get about three or four a day. I am starting to be able to tell who lays which ones.

Joseph helps with the building.
The door has a little window now too.

The lucky man himself: Floyd. He is loud and stupid, but very pretty.

Maybelle! She seems to be the smartest and sweetest. Or maybe she is really weird.

Leona on her eggs

We can't forget about beautiful kitty.

Monday, April 21, 2008

First steps

A couple times recently it has seemed that Joseph might have taken a step or two. You would think it would be easy to tell but since he is so close and will kind of throw himself all over the place it is not. However, this morning I definitely saw him take about three steps ON HIS OWN. He was standing up holding on to his big blue yoga ball and it started to roll away, so he pretty much ran after it. And he caught it. Of course that's not quite the same as really walking, but getting close. Yay. Only about 2 months after I very public ally and very wrongly guessed he would be walking. I now really see what they mean about development happening in spurts. Very true.

Pictures of chickens still to come. Life is very busy chasing after a little guy who isn't even walkig yet. Good thing I can type without looking; my eyes are on

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Video and pics

I have quite a backlog of stuff to post, so you will have to wait on the chickens (who are so cute and tons of fun). These are pictures and videos from last week and the week before. We have been having lots of adventures and are loving the BEAUTIFUL spring weather. The snow is almost all melted now.

These are from our visit to the Harriss' goat farm in Lincoln where Mary and James were housesitting:

Joseph with another pug that visited (with Crystal and Pam). You might have guessed that I want to get a pug. Chickens are a lot cheaper.

Baby yoga! Downward Facing Dog with yoga ball nearby:

Crazy man with a truck! He does this alllll day long.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New kitchen!!!

There it is. I love the new kitchen soo much!!! It is even more special because Brad did all the work himself, including making the cabinets and laying the tile. The sink, dishwasher (yay!), stove, and microwave (with range hood) are all new.

Nothing new here, I just thought it looked pretty, especially with my Easter flowers from Amy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Buddies' blogs, blogging buddies

The idea to start a blog was actually inspired by my long time (since preschool!) best friend. Everyone should check her's out at She is an amazing writer, puts all sort of interesting things on, and she posts more often then I. Also she is expecting a baby in July, so that is extra fun! Check out her beautiful belly!

Also, another longtime great friend Alice started a blog too. Hers can be found at Maybe this will inspire her to post more often!

Happy blogging everyone. All the cool kids are doing it. Let me know if you start your own.