Monday, April 21, 2008

First steps

A couple times recently it has seemed that Joseph might have taken a step or two. You would think it would be easy to tell but since he is so close and will kind of throw himself all over the place it is not. However, this morning I definitely saw him take about three steps ON HIS OWN. He was standing up holding on to his big blue yoga ball and it started to roll away, so he pretty much ran after it. And he caught it. Of course that's not quite the same as really walking, but getting close. Yay. Only about 2 months after I very public ally and very wrongly guessed he would be walking. I now really see what they mean about development happening in spurts. Very true.

Pictures of chickens still to come. Life is very busy chasing after a little guy who isn't even walkig yet. Good thing I can type without looking; my eyes are on


JG said...

Yay! An update! But I'm very disappointed there are no chicken pictures yet. Boo!
Hey, I say that it counts as walking and I WIN because I said he would walk before his 1st birthday! Okay, so that's kind of vague and kind of like cheating but still, I win. By the way, DJ took his first wobbly steps maybe just a little over a month ago and yesterday I saw him and he was RUNNING everywhere and getting into EVERYTHING! Yikes. Good luck with that! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters to J what day he walks, but I think it matters some to RSB, some I'm glad that he's chasing a filmy blue ball.

Does the cute calendar--'Lilypie'--end on J's birthday? I'm afraid it will.

Perhaps she doesn't have chickens, JG, perhaps she's pretending.


JG said...

I think she might be pretending! Good point! Hey, Ruth, did you know that Travis and I have some chickens and dairy goats in our back yard? And we have two gorgeous warmbloods that we're boarding at a local stable! I'll send you pictures someday...

Amy Serekede said...

I've seen the chickens - they do in fact exist lol. Yay Joe-fish is walking!! Hope he performs his new talent for us at his party!