Sunday, April 29, 2012


lots of fun was had . . . never venturing further than 45 min . . .

  • lunch out with friends
  • shopping by MYSELF—antiques and clothes
  • hike up and around Mt. Philo with friends
  • one morning of work at the Platt (Shoreham library)
  • lots of book reading—with Joseph and of my own books
  • J’s first formal yoga class—actually his first “drop-off” class of any sort which meant a coffee date with buds for me.  When we returned they kids were all actually in the typical final yoga pose (savasana or corpse) where they lay down, close their eyes, and do a visualization.  SO cute and amazing to see.
  • quality time at our two favorite libraries
  • rearranged the living room including a new piece of furniture for the TV from Bob (happens to be my old changing table Winking smile)
  • a cuddle and then a nap for J everyday!
  • a large amount of cleaning and organizing (by my standards)
  • an overnight for Joseph with Bob
  • our “Strengthening Families” class at Joseph’s school
  • Jewelry party with friends (just me—Brad and Joseph went shopping for Joseph’s party)
  • bike riding, bike riding, bike riding . . . even around Bristol
  • final coat of varnish on the vanity in the bathroom
  • open gym with friends
  • Pig roast at the neighbors
  • dentist appointments for both J and I
  • home cooking and a little baking—apple pie, our favorite
  • and sleepover and fun times with Great-gram in Lincoln
  • open swim with friends at Mt. Abe—so nice to be in the water

we did a lot, but it was also low-key and a really nice break for us.  much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick photo updates


I though this was so funny.  Joseph is not particularly into writing.  However, Bob brought him to school one day a couple of weeks ago and apparently Joseph was very worried about his lego person he forgot to get from Bob.  So he wrote this note.  Best piece of writing yet.  That’s what motivation will do for you. 


This past week was packed with outings.  So much was happening around here I had to pick and choose so we would have some nights at home.  Anyways, here is a blurry picture from the Middlebury Union Middle School production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at Town Hall Theater.  It was Joseph’s first show and he loved it.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the first (maybe the first?) chapter book Joseph and I read and it was really neat to get to see it performed.  And the students did an amazing job! 


Two night later we headed to a big annual Bingo and Baskets fundraisers.  I had never played bingo before and was a little skeptical.  Until . . .


I won the very first round!  I was so surprised I wouldn’t even yell Bingo and my table-mates had to yell for me. 


My loot.  Gift certificates to local businesses and puzzles and games.


Gymnastics fun.



And then the grand opening of the new addition to the Shoreham Library.  SOOOO EXCITING!  YAY!!!


Joseph and my second batch of loot this weekend.  (He didn’t want to pose).  A beautiful cabinet, a kindle touch (which I think I am going to trade for a framed map), and a gift certificate for hard cider (won in Joseph’s name).  I have almost never won drawings before, sooo crazy!  Maybe Shoreham is lucky for me?


Brad built us a beautiful new bathroom vanity!!  With some help from his assistant.


We had our first t-ball practice!  It was fun, but also surprising.  Apparently, just like kindergarten and academics, sports have become a lot more pressured earlier for little kids.  Many of the kids at t-ball came with all sorts of fancy gear and they were amazing.  They were hitting into the outfield consistently and the actual t only came out twice.  Crazy.  Brad and Joseph have been very serious about practicing since and Brad got him a real bat, since he had never used one before. I kind of wish kids had more time to just be kids . . . but such is life.


This week I finally got back to my 3 work days a week schedule and I am so happy about this.  I only have a little more time until Joseph heads to kindergarten so I want to savor these days.  Today we joined some friends hiked to the Falls of Lana.  It was gorgeous and so fun!


Happy Spring!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Super fun Easter weekend—and Bree Bree’s bday!


The cousins were up visiting!  One of our very favorite things.


We took an amazing hike behind our house.




We went off the trails, on new trails, and all over the place.  Here we are hiking a pretty intense incline up to the very top of the hill.   (Mutton Hill is it’s traditional name.)


At the top—you can see Lake Champlain and NY in the background.


And facing the other direction you can see towards Middlebury.


The beautiful, amazing stone wall way up there at the top.


Gymnastics class Winking smile


Dyeing Easter eggs!! We actually did this twice (once by ourselves at home and once with the cousins at Grandma’s).  He was SOO excited!


And so focused.


That evening working on the stone wall that goes behind our house.  It was actually Brad’s idea to take these pictures.  The wall is amazing!  Brad loves working on it and he and Joseph spend many evenings out there.  They are extending it to include the new area we opened up last summer. 


Good thing Grandma takes care of things like Easter egg bags.  Joseph is at a perfect age for this and just loved all the excitement.


Easter egg hunt Bree, Amy, and I pulled together last minute. 



The horses wondering what the heck is going on!


Cousin love.  I met Bree on her third birthday and this weekend we celebrated her 13th.  It is amazing how time flies,  But even more importantly, I am so lucky to get to be in her life.  LOVE YOU BREE BREE!!


Lots of sorting, counting, trading, etc . . . (This is a Joseph tradition.  One year Joseph found a permanent marker and wrote his name on every single piece.)


Beautiful, happy boy.


All the cousins!



Love family time, holidays, and sunshine.