Monday, May 30, 2016

Start to summer!! And back to blogging??

I know I haven't been on here forever--so I came up with a little idea that, since I ended with camp pictures last year, I would post again when were back at camp.  So this weekend we all spent time again at camp and here are a couple of pics! 

Saturday morning was alittle rough (chores to do, hot unpredictable weather and no pics of all that mess), but we finally got enouph done around the house we decided to head to camp.  It was GORGEOUS.  I had no idea the water would be so warm!!

Brad started his actual birthday with a project and some helpers!

And then we headed to the Vergennes Memorial Day Parade!  Fun times!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

September--summer extended this year

Lots of fun pictures looking back at September.   Looking at these I kept thinking they were summer memories--but in fact it was just an extremely warm September.
Labor day weekend was my favorite time at the camp so far.  We spent enough time there to really settle in instead of shuttling back in forth.  Next summer I am hoping for a lot more extended stays. 

Working on some mil-foil eradication
Suddenly enough hair to put in tiny little pig tails!!!  She continues her interest/obsession with ballet though and always wants a bun on top of her head.  Since she is no where near close to having enough hair for that we developed this favorite style ;-).  

  This was from the back to school ice cream social which I could not to attend.  September was also extremely busy for me with the start of school for Joseph and I and the start of 8,000 school board meetings a month.  I missed a lot of events such as this but Brad and our friends made sure the kiddos had a fun.  Nora and Ryleigh will be in the same class just like the big brothers.  

Back to Labor Day weekend at the camp.  We also got used to the lake bottom being kind of squishy and realized that the more we swim the more the mush moves away and reveals actual sand!  Very exciting!  

These are in all sorts of random order.  Soccer tournament!

Apple picking

This was spontaneous and a great outing

More soccer.  Pictures from Kyle's mom as it was another time I couldn't make it.

She loved swimming so much at camp that she insisted on practicing a lot at home

She also likes to wear her backpack everywhere and pretend she is going to school.

A quite morning at camp.

Joseph and some buddies had a lot of fun experimenting with life jacket styles...

A visit with great gram Nora.

Hanging and crafting with our awesome neighboors.

Came home from one meeting to find them like this.

And often found Dad and Nora in the garage 

Grandpa and Dad got Joseph a  new gun!  The start of a great hunting season!

Lots of progress on the Shoreham house.  Soo pretty.

Nora's childcare provider had a baby so we took turns having the kiddos at our house.  It was fun to see so many kids make use of our stuff!

Too cute.

A sweater vest I finally finished for her.

Pulling up the garden

More soccer.  Joseph was mad at this point since I wouldn't buy him the treats he wanted.  It was brief, but typical.  The soccer tournaments last most of the day, they play three games and there are tons of kids.  It's crazyness.

Apple fest!  Lots of Shoreham fun.

Very handsome for picture day.

Second day of the kiddos here.  Nora loved having her friends over.

Still enjoying the boating.

This was September 27th.  Beautiful and summery.  I miss it!