Friday, May 29, 2009

More Philly Trip

So sweet. With grandmom.

Playing at a park Father and I both played at when we were young!

Grandmom's (Selma) beautiful retirement home (the main, old part):

The room where Joseph and I stayed:

At the train restaurant! This is the reason for Joseph's current passion: trains!

Joseph still talks about the train that went around the ceiling.

Wells Mountain Foundation meeting

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Watching the gorillas. We watched them for a LOOONNNG time. They were certainly one of our favorites. This one was rolling around right in front of all the kids. He had a big smile and would cover his face and then sneak a peak at everyone.

This is a drain cover made by my great-grandfather's iron works.

The bearded pigs probably tied for a favorite with the gorillas. The animal keeper here was part of what made them such a hit. She told us all sorts of information, including about a certain part of the anatomy that is shaped like a corkscrew. And it's not their tails.

World's biggest rodents.

We LOVED the zoo. It is soooo fun to be able to do these things with Joseph. The zoo is also special because Selma (my grandmother) visited it when she was young, and then of course took Bob (my father) as a child, and I remember visiting as well. And now we get to take Joseph!
Here he is, very tired and happy, with his gorilla:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Touch Museum

Then next day we went to the Please Touch Musuem in Philadelphia city. This is a musuem I remember going to as a child, though it has moved and become A LOT bigger. Basically this is a HUGE play area for kiddos. It was tons of fun, though very crazy. Think 1,000s of really, really excited preschoolers. Some of the exhibits included things like, "City Capers," "Flight Fantasy," Roadside Attractions," "Wonderland," etc. . . I didn't get many pictures, especially in the most crowded and frantic areas, which were the ones with cars, trucks, trains, construction equipment, motorcycles, and more.

New Jersey Adventure Aquarium!!

I am having trouble with my computer and pictures, so I just decided to start trying to get them on here little by little. So here are pics from our aquarium visit with Selma (great-grandma or GG) and Bob (grandfather or, usually, just Bob). This was our first day in Philly, during our April vacation to Philly, NY, and NJ. More to come . . .

Our very favorite part was probably watching the hippo! We, along with a huge group, watched him/her for atleast 20 minutes. It seemed to be performing for us and even managed to knaw on some of the display. Fascinating for all.