Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please Touch Museum

Then next day we went to the Please Touch Musuem in Philadelphia city. This is a musuem I remember going to as a child, though it has moved and become A LOT bigger. Basically this is a HUGE play area for kiddos. It was tons of fun, though very crazy. Think 1,000s of really, really excited preschoolers. Some of the exhibits included things like, "City Capers," "Flight Fantasy," Roadside Attractions," "Wonderland," etc. . . I didn't get many pictures, especially in the most crowded and frantic areas, which were the ones with cars, trucks, trains, construction equipment, motorcycles, and more.

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JG said...

I'm so happy you updated your blog! These pictures are so amazing...I am so jealous that Joseph is old enough to take to these sorts of things! (I know Sophia will get there...). He is such a lucky boy. I love his sunglasses! And the teaparty picture! And the shots of him with your dad...your dad is an awesome grandpa! We miss you guys. Next time I see Joseph he will be such a big boy!