Saturday, May 23, 2009


Watching the gorillas. We watched them for a LOOONNNG time. They were certainly one of our favorites. This one was rolling around right in front of all the kids. He had a big smile and would cover his face and then sneak a peak at everyone.

This is a drain cover made by my great-grandfather's iron works.

The bearded pigs probably tied for a favorite with the gorillas. The animal keeper here was part of what made them such a hit. She told us all sorts of information, including about a certain part of the anatomy that is shaped like a corkscrew. And it's not their tails.

World's biggest rodents.

We LOVED the zoo. It is soooo fun to be able to do these things with Joseph. The zoo is also special because Selma (my grandmother) visited it when she was young, and then of course took Bob (my father) as a child, and I remember visiting as well. And now we get to take Joseph!
Here he is, very tired and happy, with his gorilla:


Amy said...

which zoo is this? We're planning on visiting the Bronx Zoo possibly on Father's Day. Looks like Joe-fish had a great time - tired him right out!

Ruth said...

This is the Philadelphia Zoo. We went the last full day of our visit there. It was soooo much fun. Brianna and Jacob will love going to the zoo! Can't wait to do fun stuff with them this summer!

Jenzon said...

Hi Ruth, love the pics! Please tell Brad happy birthday from me. Tell him he's getting old :) ~Jen Petty