Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking back on my “summer fun to do” list and thinking about fall fun

We had a pretty awesome summer.  The weather was AMAZING in every sense.  It really could not have been a better VT summer.  We were so thoroughly spoiled that I have even enjoyed some of these cold grey fall days.  I certainly did not accomplish everything on my list, but it shows me that we really did A LOT. 

Here is what we checked off:

  • camp at Branbury State Park (4 nights and LOVED it!!!)
  • July 4th parade and festivities
  • family parties—including Nora’s 85th
  • SWIM SWIM SWIM (lake, river, pool, pond; anywhere and everywhere; as much as possible)
  • swim lessons for J
  • new, healthy foods
  • ECHO Museum
  • pick strawberries, raspberries, and blue berries
  • BEACH!!!!! (I wrote this at the beach actually ;-)
  • put food by—freeze and can fruit and veggies
  • veggie garden
  • donate lots ’o stuff
  • hike
  • Addison County Field Days
  • festival-on-the-green
  • see a free play at the library: we saw “The Jungle Book”  and Mr. Energy sat entranced for the entire hour ;-)
  • itsy-bitsy yoga
  • boat ride
  • Selma visit
  • crafty projects
  • less TV (which means ending my habit of turning the TV on for J while I take my shower . . . yikes)
  • hang out with J and friends at his school
  • figure out fall plan for work
  • see live music with J
  • stay home and do “nothing”
  • girls night out
  • craft nights with my crafty ladies
  • catch up with old friends
  • PROJECTS with J: crafts, learning, nature . . .
  • read lots with J, and visit the library every week

    And here is what I did not get to, plus some new fall ideas:

  • Rokeby visit
  • bake bread
  • a class for me? sewing?
  • make a book with J
  • make something out of wood   
  • read my own books
  • Shelburne Museum
  • Shelburne Farms
  • invite more people over here
  • visit state parks and historic sites
  • plant some flowers
  • start a quilt
  • ride a horse
  • corn maze
  • trick or treating
  • more crafts with J!
  • more of my own crafts! 
  • apple picking
  • pumpkin painting
  • make apples stuff to freeze or can: apple sauce, apple butter, maybe apple pie filling??
  • get back on weight watcher’s
  • get a calf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Yup, if you read this far congrats and this is my current big excitement: we are going to get a calf next weekend!  So excited!)
  • work on getting health insurance
  • think about my career next steps
  • clean, organize, beautify the house!!  (including getting rid of as much unnecessary stuff as possible)  What I am actually doing is trying to go through the house one room at a time cleaning and organize all of it.  Here is that list: kitchen, living room, stairs, laundry/utility room, J room, us room, car, garage storage, stuff still at Bob’s house.  I wonder how many years it will take me to cross them all off?
  • lots of family time!
  • keep working on the healthy cooking goals
  • get more photos printed and do something with all the old ones and all J’s accumulating art projects from the past . . .
  • work on getting a list of all important dates (bdays, etc) and system for staying on top of them
  • explore in the woods around our house
  • cut the electricity bill
  • get outside, walk, hike, exercise . . .
  • dig down and discover more energy . . . become an organized person . . . and keep dreaming!

    And these will have to wait for next summer:

  • go to a baseball game 
  • try fishing
  • Echo lake?
  • more camping

  • Sunday, October 17, 2010

    the leaves are falling

    IMG_0001 IMG_0007

    We met friends for our first “Corn Maze” experience; a lot harder than you would think!  It took us two tries, but we had tons of fun and finally made it out.

    IMG_0010 IMG_0019 IMG_0022



    We also joined the Wells and friends for their annual cider making extravaganza ;-)  So much fun!  This is Joseph’s third attendance (we missed last year) so he has a lot of experience, but it was surprising for me that he could actually help!

     IMG_0055 IMG_0056 IMG_0029IMG_0060 IMG_0063 IMG_0065 IMG_0041


    The young crowd inspired some apple bobbing, which is (like the corn maze) harder than you might think.  Maybe I just need to practice my fall sports more.

     IMG_0069 IMG_0070

    Joseph sure had fun playing with all the pretty ladies.


    IMG_0084 IMG_0088

    The kitties get a lot of love from Joseph, though I am not sure if they really enjoy all the pirate dancing.  We only have Bixby, the black one left at home.  It was very, very hard to let them go--of course I KNOW that we couldn’t have seven full grown cats at home it was still so hard.   



    Joseph helping to make Xmas pickles.


    Bob reading J his bedtime book


    Shoreham Farm and Field Days, with new Shoreham resident, Grandpa (Fred), and Uncle Mike.

     IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0292

    IMG_0322 IMG_0324

    Spiderman explores

     IMG_0330 IMG_0332

    Family visit, on a beautiful day, to Grandma and Grandpa’s new place in Shoreham.  We LOVE it and are beyond happy that things (finally—their Bristol house was on the marked for over 2 years) worked out so well.  For the first time they get to have the horses home!

     IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0343 IMG_0347 IMG_0353

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    From the garden to the kitchen

    IMG_0001 - Copy


    I never am able to put as much time into the garden and preserving as I would like, but every year (this is my third year with a garden) I learn a bit more.   It sure is fun!

    IMG_0135 - Copy 

    I made a couple zillion batches of zucchini bread and froze a lot of it.


    Clearly zucchini and green peppers are what I have the most of.  I made two batches of zucchini relish and even had fun fooling with the recipe the second time (by adding mustard).










    I also made salsa for the first time.  I actually made it too spicy for Joseph, but I figured out a fun way to use it.  Now I put half a jar into my meatloaf (plus cornmeal instead of breadcrumbs) and, TADA, a yummy, extremely quick dinner, with veggies, that J will eat!!  Win, win. 


    My favorite experiment so far has been zucchini and summer squash pickles, using a recipe from Debbie (thank you!!).  I throw in lots of green peppers from the garden too, and then purchased onions and red peppers.  I think it is beautiful and yummy! Summer in a jar. 

    IMG_0225 IMG_0270 IMG_0274

    Also, with absolutely nothing from the garden, today Joseph and I had fun concocting and devouring these Halloween treats (idea, much more nicely executed from here):


    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    September fun

    The weather has cooled, the leaves are changing, apples and pumpkins are everywhere, and there is lots of talk of Halloween.  It’s a new school year for Joseph and I.  It is fall!  Actually, the short days and chill seem to be more of an adjustment for me this year since we were soooo spoiled with the amazing summer weather.  Anyways, here are photos from September: (in some sort of strange computer order that I am too lazy to fix).


    Lots of dress up fun.  He had to try his skates on!

     IMG_0022 IMG_0023

    Craft night!

    Uncle Mark’s Birthday get-together:

    IMG_0024 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0033 IMG_0118

    We continue to LOVE story time at the library.  Reading here with buds Ethan and Hadley.

     IMG_0121 IMG_0126

    Picking raspberries (nice moment before he got crabby and dumped them all)

    IMG_0140 IMG_0145

    Painting pumpkins—he really enjoyed this

    IMG_0146 IMG_0147 IMG_0180

    Lately J has been into taking his own pictures. 


    More dress up

    IMG_0209 IMG_0230

    We really enjoyed attending a big Bergevin Party, the first one since Joseph was born.  I didn’t take many pictures since there were so many people to catch up with!  J had lots of fun meeting bunches of second cousins.  Hopefully we will see them all a little more often now!

    IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0235 IMG_0257

    The kitties are 7 weeks old now and STILL nursing.  They seem almost as big as Margot.  I think it is pretty funny that my kitty and I both practice extended nursing ;-)



    Soccer duds from cousin Troy


    This was our last beach day of the year

    IMG_0312 IMG_0334

    We had a wonderful visit with old (as in from my childhood, not aged) friends Jenna, Michele, Debbie, and Bill!  The lego set Debbie and Bill gave Joseph has been such a huge hit.  That day Jenna revealed her skills.  Just today he played with it for about 2 hours (which is very, very unusual for a toy to entertain him for so long)!   

    IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0345 IMG_0347

    Lots of family and cousin fun!  After our last get-together at grandma and grandpa’s Bristol house (pics of the beautiful and much closer Shoreham homestead to come!!! YAYYYY) we had some fun at our house.

    IMG_0350 IMG_0353

    Fire, s’mores, and stargaizing ;-)

    IMG_0363 IMG_0364

    And a fun little hike with Jordyn and Jason to Silver Lake and our last dip of the year.IMG_0365 

    Happy fall everyone!