Sunday, October 3, 2010

September fun

The weather has cooled, the leaves are changing, apples and pumpkins are everywhere, and there is lots of talk of Halloween.  It’s a new school year for Joseph and I.  It is fall!  Actually, the short days and chill seem to be more of an adjustment for me this year since we were soooo spoiled with the amazing summer weather.  Anyways, here are photos from September: (in some sort of strange computer order that I am too lazy to fix).


Lots of dress up fun.  He had to try his skates on!

 IMG_0022 IMG_0023

Craft night!

Uncle Mark’s Birthday get-together:

IMG_0024 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0033 IMG_0118

We continue to LOVE story time at the library.  Reading here with buds Ethan and Hadley.

 IMG_0121 IMG_0126

Picking raspberries (nice moment before he got crabby and dumped them all)

IMG_0140 IMG_0145

Painting pumpkins—he really enjoyed this

IMG_0146 IMG_0147 IMG_0180

Lately J has been into taking his own pictures. 


More dress up

IMG_0209 IMG_0230

We really enjoyed attending a big Bergevin Party, the first one since Joseph was born.  I didn’t take many pictures since there were so many people to catch up with!  J had lots of fun meeting bunches of second cousins.  Hopefully we will see them all a little more often now!

IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0235 IMG_0257

The kitties are 7 weeks old now and STILL nursing.  They seem almost as big as Margot.  I think it is pretty funny that my kitty and I both practice extended nursing ;-)



Soccer duds from cousin Troy


This was our last beach day of the year

IMG_0312 IMG_0334

We had a wonderful visit with old (as in from my childhood, not aged) friends Jenna, Michele, Debbie, and Bill!  The lego set Debbie and Bill gave Joseph has been such a huge hit.  That day Jenna revealed her skills.  Just today he played with it for about 2 hours (which is very, very unusual for a toy to entertain him for so long)!   

IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0345 IMG_0347

Lots of family and cousin fun!  After our last get-together at grandma and grandpa’s Bristol house (pics of the beautiful and much closer Shoreham homestead to come!!! YAYYYY) we had some fun at our house.

IMG_0350 IMG_0353

Fire, s’mores, and stargaizing ;-)

IMG_0363 IMG_0364

And a fun little hike with Jordyn and Jason to Silver Lake and our last dip of the year.IMG_0365 

Happy fall everyone!


JG said...

Aw, cute! I can't believe how big the kittens are! I bet they weigh almost as much as Margot... she looks tiny! Nursing will really take it out of you, won't it?!
Love the dress-up pics :) And pumpkin-painting... fun!

Life on the Terrace said...

I loved seeing all your pictures. You are always doing such fun and interesting activities with Joseph. :)