Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the garden to the kitchen

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I never am able to put as much time into the garden and preserving as I would like, but every year (this is my third year with a garden) I learn a bit more.   It sure is fun!

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I made a couple zillion batches of zucchini bread and froze a lot of it.


Clearly zucchini and green peppers are what I have the most of.  I made two batches of zucchini relish and even had fun fooling with the recipe the second time (by adding mustard).










I also made salsa for the first time.  I actually made it too spicy for Joseph, but I figured out a fun way to use it.  Now I put half a jar into my meatloaf (plus cornmeal instead of breadcrumbs) and, TADA, a yummy, extremely quick dinner, with veggies, that J will eat!!  Win, win. 


My favorite experiment so far has been zucchini and summer squash pickles, using a recipe from Debbie (thank you!!).  I throw in lots of green peppers from the garden too, and then purchased onions and red peppers.  I think it is beautiful and yummy! Summer in a jar. 

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Also, with absolutely nothing from the garden, today Joseph and I had fun concocting and devouring these Halloween treats (idea, much more nicely executed from here):



Anonymous said...

Nice. I found a jar of your zuchinni pickles in my refrigerator, they are good. And I made 9 quarts of xmas pickles this week.


Ruth said...

Thanks! I just made some more of the squash pickles. Xmas pickles are next--would it be possible for you to email me a scan of the recipe? I think that is what you did last year, but I can't seem to find it. If that is too much of a bother don't work. Where did you find the oils?

Anonymous said...

The oils--as you said--were at Kinney's in Middlebury: I was 1), surprised that they really had them and 2), surprised that the cashier directed me right to them. Thanks for that.

I may have cooked my pickles just a little too long, but they taste well.


Amanda said...

I love your monster brownies, they are so FUN!! thanks for letting me know you made them, too cute!