Sunday, October 17, 2010

the leaves are falling

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We met friends for our first “Corn Maze” experience; a lot harder than you would think!  It took us two tries, but we had tons of fun and finally made it out.

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We also joined the Wells and friends for their annual cider making extravaganza ;-)  So much fun!  This is Joseph’s third attendance (we missed last year) so he has a lot of experience, but it was surprising for me that he could actually help!

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The young crowd inspired some apple bobbing, which is (like the corn maze) harder than you might think.  Maybe I just need to practice my fall sports more.

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Joseph sure had fun playing with all the pretty ladies.


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The kitties get a lot of love from Joseph, though I am not sure if they really enjoy all the pirate dancing.  We only have Bixby, the black one left at home.  It was very, very hard to let them go--of course I KNOW that we couldn’t have seven full grown cats at home it was still so hard.   



Joseph helping to make Xmas pickles.


Bob reading J his bedtime book


Shoreham Farm and Field Days, with new Shoreham resident, Grandpa (Fred), and Uncle Mike.

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Spiderman explores

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Family visit, on a beautiful day, to Grandma and Grandpa’s new place in Shoreham.  We LOVE it and are beyond happy that things (finally—their Bristol house was on the marked for over 2 years) worked out so well.  For the first time they get to have the horses home!

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JG said...

OMG I thought I'd commented on this post already! I've looked at it like 50 times! Beautiful pics, as usual... I really like the tractor pictures! And it seems like a really good thing that Brad's family is close... for one thing you can hang out with their horses! Joseph is such a riot--I love the costume! Is he trick or treating this year? Where do you guys go for that? Bristol? And, yes, Sophia has a side part just like her mommy :) It looks better on her because her hair is so thick and has a little wave! LOL. I've thought a lot about doing bangs, but I don't think we will! For one thing, eventually I'm sure she would want to grow that out, and I remember growing mine out and what a pain that was (and how gross it looked!). So I think we'll skip them... am I denying her a quintessential bit of childhood??? And, sorry i haven't been stalking you--we need to catch up!

JG said...

One more thing-- I have to say it: Joseph is a total cutie in the pic where he's kind of making a funny face and holding up the kitten (the pic on the right)... you know which one I mean? He looks -- don't get mad! -- totally Justin Timberlake-ish. Little hunk! He has an adorable little face :)