Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jenn and Sophia Visit (pictures long over-due)

AHHHHH! Joseph and Sophia were so adorable together (most of the time). First kiss at Cubber's; how classic!

We had a wonderful and busy visit with Jenn and Sophia just after Christmas. I've been procrastinating going through all the pictures because there were so many cute ones, but here they finally are. Also, I can't seem to change the order, so apologies. Many of these pics are "borrowed" from Jenn and there are many more on her blog (here).

What a gorgeous, wonderful girl!

Dancin' and jammin' at Bob's

New Year's Eve at Dan's Place, then Two Brother's. We even got my dad out for a drink and then later enjoyed some dancing on old friends!

We took Jenn and Sophia to the Ilsley Library and had a great visit.

Dancing at Steve's Dinner

Sophia in the shirt I made her

Christmas/New Years Get-together at Michele's. I love this photo! It was really wonderful to get all us "old" friends together.

Joseph sharing his drink with Sophia

Back to our play-time at Bob's

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

P.S. A little reality check

I was chatting with my grandmom and she mentioned that her impression, from reading my blog, is that, "Joseph seems about ready to head off to college."

Hmmm. Well, he would have to sleep with needing mommy cuddles for that. Or need me to chase all the monsters out of his room. And use the potty! And not call people "poopy-butts." Or stick out his tongue. Or whine and beg and repeat himself incessantly. And not scream like an exorcist when frustrated.

Ok, I'll stop there. Enough honesty and disclosure. But he certainly is a full-blooded high-spirited two-year old.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tonight Joseph read to me!

In just the last couple days, since my book post, I have realized how much Joseph has memorized of his favorite books. As I mentioned, we currently have Backbeard and Superhero ABC out of from the library (Joseph is allowed two books at a time). We have actually had each of these a couple of weeks, and have checked them out once or twice previously. So, Joseph has heard these books many, many times and studied the pictures for an immense amount of time. Well, this week he started basically reading the books with me and then I stopped reading, and he kept going! He has almost every word memorized. Every once in a while he needs prompting, but he basically can read these books to me. It is really adorable. (He certainly doesn't say every word correctly, but you can tell what he is trying to say. Which I think is amazing since he had no idea what some of the words actually mean.) Since this discovery, which I think was also a realization for Joseph, he has been "reading" aloud to himself and to the kitties!

Excerpts read by Joseph from Superhero ABC:
"Astro-man is always alert for and alien attack. Bubble-man blows big bubbles at bullies. Captiain Cloud calmly catches crooks." You get the idea. One we think is particularly funny to hear Joseph repeat, "The Odor Officer obviously objects to offensive odors."

And from Backbeard and the Birthday Suit:
"On Backbeard's birthday, the entire crew put on their best clothes. They drank punch and scratched and spit. They hit each other with bottles and sang pirate songs. They had cake and opened presents. Afterward, Backbeard threw them all overboard."

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The devastation in Haiti is unimaginable and terrifying.

Here is a note posted on Facebook by a knowledgeable SMC classmate about the situation, including recommendations for donations.

It took me quite a while to decide where to send money, but I finally decided on Save the Children.

Also, while I am on the subject I thought I would share my current list of other favorite charities:

Addison County Readers, Inc. -This is the brand new website for the organization with which I am most active. We work very hard to sponsor the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program here in Addison County. A free book is sent each month to all registered children birth to age five. Every child in Addison County is eligible and approximately 850 currently receive books.
Wells Mountain Foundation-Organization founded by my close family friends, Tom, Carol, and Jordyn Wells. We sponsor around 30 students in developing countries pursuing post-secondary education as well as numerous programs here and abroad, including Addison County Readers.
Vermont Public Radio
Saint Michael's College
Women Safe
Bristol Friends of the Arts
Rokeby Museum
Tari Shattuck Education Foundation-The foundation formed soon after my mother passed away in her memory to support educational activities here in Addison County.
Platt Memorial Library-My local library.
Addison County Parent Child Center
Counseling Service of Addison County
Petra Foundation-Foundation founded after the passing of my second cousin.
United Way of Addison County

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Current and recent favorite reads

. . . which means, these are the books we read every. single. day. (And are--usually--glad to do so!)
The current library books (both of which we have checked out before). Joseph knows pretty much every word and (and they are not short books).

This was the first book for which Joseph memorized the words! (Probably because it is a song and about jumping on the bed, but still exciting.)

I couldn't figure out for the longest time why Joseph always wanted to read this book (which was passed on to us by Brad's mom and was edited by a distant relative.) Finally, I realized it was because of Joseph!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday crafts

Every year I like to make a little something to give as gifts. Here is what I came up with this year:

pretzel/hershey/m&m candies--very simple to make and yummy! "recipe" here :

cinnamon scented jelly jar candals (method basically from the back of the parafin wax box plus advice from Ben Franklin's staff)

and christmas tree and bead ornaments (they look a lot better on the tree with lights), also used as decoration on the bags. idea from parenting mag.
Just a little of my wanna-be crafty fun!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

start small, small steps, the small stuff

I am always making plans, resolutions, whatever you want to call them. Usually they are ambitious and don't last long. Since I always seem to be somewhat obsessively strategizing about how to better myself, New Year's Resolutions have not typically had much importance to me. Of course, I get swept up in the tide and am hoping to lose weight, stop procrastinating, figure out my life . . . among other lofty goals that will probably always come and go in my life. However, I came across this site today I looked at it only quickly, but really responded to the idea of making one very simple, attainable, positive "resolution." So, I have decided to try and start doing something I always mean to, but forget. Every time I go grocery shopping I plan to buy one small thing to put in those collection bins at the exit--that I always guitlily pass--for the food shelf. I even hope to start talking to Joseph about this and involve him in picking out the goods. If I let him choose it will probably be mac n' cheese every time . . .

That's the plan.

Happy New Years all! Any resolutions to share?