Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tonight Joseph read to me!

In just the last couple days, since my book post, I have realized how much Joseph has memorized of his favorite books. As I mentioned, we currently have Backbeard and Superhero ABC out of from the library (Joseph is allowed two books at a time). We have actually had each of these a couple of weeks, and have checked them out once or twice previously. So, Joseph has heard these books many, many times and studied the pictures for an immense amount of time. Well, this week he started basically reading the books with me and then I stopped reading, and he kept going! He has almost every word memorized. Every once in a while he needs prompting, but he basically can read these books to me. It is really adorable. (He certainly doesn't say every word correctly, but you can tell what he is trying to say. Which I think is amazing since he had no idea what some of the words actually mean.) Since this discovery, which I think was also a realization for Joseph, he has been "reading" aloud to himself and to the kitties!

Excerpts read by Joseph from Superhero ABC:
"Astro-man is always alert for and alien attack. Bubble-man blows big bubbles at bullies. Captiain Cloud calmly catches crooks." You get the idea. One we think is particularly funny to hear Joseph repeat, "The Odor Officer obviously objects to offensive odors."

And from Backbeard and the Birthday Suit:
"On Backbeard's birthday, the entire crew put on their best clothes. They drank punch and scratched and spit. They hit each other with bottles and sang pirate songs. They had cake and opened presents. Afterward, Backbeard threw them all overboard."

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JG said...

SO CUTE!!! You should take a VIDEO!!!