Wednesday, January 20, 2010

P.S. A little reality check

I was chatting with my grandmom and she mentioned that her impression, from reading my blog, is that, "Joseph seems about ready to head off to college."

Hmmm. Well, he would have to sleep with needing mommy cuddles for that. Or need me to chase all the monsters out of his room. And use the potty! And not call people "poopy-butts." Or stick out his tongue. Or whine and beg and repeat himself incessantly. And not scream like an exorcist when frustrated.

Ok, I'll stop there. Enough honesty and disclosure. But he certainly is a full-blooded high-spirited two-year old.


JG said...

Haha...cute reality check! I like the screaming like an exorcist bit...Sophia's been doing that from day 1! It's a lot more fun to share the things that are amazing and adorable than the depraved and deplorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Ruth, when Jenna was little and afraid of the dark corners, etc.. in her room. We created Mr. Finigin, he was invisible but lived under bed, in the closet and in all the dark corners. He scared away the boogies. As she got older he got married and had a family. Sweet dreams! Deb

Anonymous said...

OK-so maybe he won't be ready for college until next year. With love GG

where is the balance said...

COMMENT! I think that this is hilarious like jenn said the screaming like the exorcist bit is funny to picture, it was so nice to see you the other day, thank you so much for the help.