Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday crafts

Every year I like to make a little something to give as gifts. Here is what I came up with this year:

pretzel/hershey/m&m candies--very simple to make and yummy! "recipe" here :

cinnamon scented jelly jar candals (method basically from the back of the parafin wax box plus advice from Ben Franklin's staff)

and christmas tree and bead ornaments (they look a lot better on the tree with lights), also used as decoration on the bags. idea from parenting mag.
Just a little of my wanna-be crafty fun!


Anonymous said...

Yes, and you take nice photographs, too. Thanks.


JG said...

Ruth you ARE crafty! You're like a magazine-mom! I LOVED your gifts this year (by the way, my family did too...those pretzel treats were gone in less than 24 hours!). Cute book post, too...isn't that Superhero ABC book one that he was reading when I was visiting? Sometimes Sophia makes me read the same book over and over...I have to confess it gets a little tiresome...but we don't want to discourage our blooming readers, do we? :)