Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Love

Mom is soo happy and proud that—at least so far—Joseph is a big book lover. As a little guy he always carried around a cloth book to mouth (already devouring books). Ever since he really started to be a somewhat conscious person (8 months?) with his own likes and dislikes, he has been into books. His first favorite was a book with pictures of baby faces. He would sit in his car seat and stare at the pictures and then he started kissing the babies, which was adorable. Around a year it became clear that books were a favorite thing. He would sometimes spend a good 20 minutes looking at books on his own and also finally figured out how to turn them right side up. This was one of my favorite of his activities. He would just sit there with his pile of books thumbing through them. Now his library has grown and he continues to enjoy reading on his own and with others. He is really moving now a days, so he doesn't usually last 20 minutes anymore, but he still loves his books. Even Muffy (his daycare provider) has commented on how much he likes books. Over the holidays he has met lots of new people. Very often he would go up to a new person with a book, get them to pick him up and read him the book, and then he wouldn't leave the poor person alone. Sometimes he brings his books to bed and tonight he fell asleep with his head literally in his book! I look forward to the time when we can read real chapter books together at bed time. I also really enjoy giving these books to other babies who will hopefully enjoy them as much as Joseph. No pressure, but hopefully the book love will continue!

Joseph’s Favorite Books (Birth-1 1/2):

Baby Faces DK Publishing

His first favorite! This makes me particularly happy because it was also actually one of the very first and few things I personally picked out for him.

Hush Little Baby Marla Frazee

First 100 Animals Roger Priddy

A long-time favorite. From about 11 months on he loved this book and the funniest thing was he would always turn to a picture of an orangutan and start kissing him. Of all the 100 animals in the book it was always the orangutan—which was even one of the smaller pictures. This book is so well loved it is duck taped together now.

Mr. Wishy Washy Joy Cowley and Elizabeth Fuller

This is one of the free books we get every month thanks to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. I have been volunteering with this organization since Joseph was a couple months old and have dragged him along to many meetings and events!

Baseball ABC and Baseball 123 DK Publishing

He loves these books so much that he thinks "baseball" is another word for book.

The Very Quiet Cricket and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle

It is clear why these are classics.

Happy Baby Words Roger Priddy

Sesame Street Let's Sing and Farm Sounds Play-a-Sound

Books that play music we received from Selma (great grandma or GG). For a long time the music one was the best way to get Joseph to go to sleep in the car.

Alphabooks Baby Einstein

A collection of books, one for each letter. Lots of fun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday fun

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. It is pretty difficult to get photos nowadays since Joseph moves sooo FAST. He is full on running now. However, here are the best I could get from Thanksgiving.

"Helping" make pies

Brad actually got dressed up!
However, this was the best picture we got of all of us.
Sorry about the red eyes.

Being crazy with cousins and a pink boa

The day after Thanksgiving we got together again to make gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies. It was really fun to see that Joseph can actually do and enjoy projects now!