Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sooo behind with the pics . . .

Picnic to celebrate that last day of our Strengthening Families class at Joseph's school
Big tree down!

Walking in Middlebury's Memorial Day Parade!  He really wanted to throw candy, but we were only given stickers to distribute.  SOO he collected candy that was left on the ground from the floats in front of us and gave it away ;-)
We finished up gymnastics class-what fun!  I hope he keeps doing this when he can!
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Brad wanted me to document his new method for hauling and organizing wood.  Our woodshed is all full already!

Getting his award at his class' end-of-the-year celebration
A tree we had to take down after our big storm :-(

Ferrisburg town beach--our first beach day of the year I believe
Strawberry haul

hanging out at home

A day at the river with the Allensons, by their new house!