Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Poll!

If you'd like, take a guess on . . .

Baby’s gender, size, and birthdate!!!

I’ll create a new post with people’s guesses if I get a few. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

New house progress, June


June 3—when I returned from the Cape.


The huge project of siding begins.


Siding!!! (June 3 as well)


Making up games (here he made his own hammer).


Working with granpa


And granpa helping out.


Making progress (June 8)


Plumbing and electric progress


Finished siding and started painting! (June 12)


Stairs in the garage



And, I missed a lot of progress while we were camping.  When I returned it was on to sheet rocking.  Brad’s very least favorite part of this whole project. (June 24)



Not the greatest picture—but downstairs ceiling. (June 27)


Rainbow over the garage.


Joseph helps with sheet rocking. 

Here is a more recent picture of the outside though—I realize this post didn’t even have any pics of the whole outside painted. 



Trying to get caught up on pictures . . . and hoping to have a baby soon.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

End of school, baseball, CAMPING, and more . . . early to mid June 2013 (minus building pictures)


Love this picture!  (It is out of order, because I stole it off facebook).  This was from the last rookie league baseball game! These are some awesome boys.  It’s fun seeing them grow up together.   


So I actually started out the month in P-town (Province Town, Cape Cod) on our annual work trip/retreat.  I love this trip so much, and this year—my third—was no different.  This is the view from the house we stay in.


And this is the view from a beach across the way that we visit.


Joseph’s last day of school letter to his teacher.  I was super emotional about the end of this school year.  I feel like I just got to the idea of having a child in kindergarten and now he insists I call him a first grader . . .


Last day of school.


Final baseball game


Cole and Alyssa, Joseph’s brother and sister buds he went to afterschool care with all this year.  They are seriously some awesome kids and we miss seeing them everyday. 


Pirate festival  (Mr. Ross!)


Practicing cartwheels


And tree climbing (at a free BBQ on the Bristol green)


And . . .  our camping trip!  It was a little hard to make this happen this year.  We normally go with family, but couldn’t coordinate a time that would work for everyone and then the camp sites were super filled up.  Anyways, there was basically one weekend that would work and I decided to jump on it.  I booked our site and kept hoping that I could convince someone to join us, but no luck.  I was very tempted to back out, but decided to go for it anyways.  And I am soooooo glad that I did.  We had a blast!


Grandpa Bernie met us at Branbury and helped set up the tent.  Joseph also helped a lot.  I think I am getting him pretty well trained—next year he can be in charge while I chase a one-year-old.  (I think like that a lot lately and it is kind of overwhelming and stressful.  I know we will figure it out, but it is going to be such a change.)

Anyways, after setting up our campsite we headed to the beach, of course.  And Joseph’s best friend came running right up as soon as we got there.  Bernie wanted to rent a canoe so we invited Tanner to join and had a great boat ride.  Well, sometimes Tanner and Joseph would get a little over excited, but then I would just give the paddle to one of them.  Even though we wouldn’t make much progress, they would try hard!


There are also classes and activities at the beach.  Joseph and Tanner enjoyed making grass hair monsters.


Then we played at the beach for a long time.  Tanner’s brother Taylor entertained the kids for ever.  Here he was throwing stuff at them.  They had so much fun!


Later that night we went to my dad’s girlfriend Kate’s camp for dinner.  It was a very nice visit.  Here Bob and Joseph enjoyed a little fishing.


Enjoying some breakfast.

We spent all our days at the beach and always found lots of friends to play and swim with.  It was super hot, but we were at the beach so there was no where better to be. No other daytime pictures, but it was a blast. 


As everyone probably know this summer has been super hot alternating with tons of rain and this camping trip was right during the worst of it.  However, somehow we made out just fine.  All around us people had thunderstorms on and off all day day,  but we only had two.  The first night it poured, but only while we were sleeping and we stayed dry (well except when I had to venture out for a potty break).  The second day we had a huge thunder storm at about 5.  I had planned to go out to dinner if it was raining so we packed up and headed to a restaurant.  The storm lasted about five minutes though and was over by the time we got to the restaurant.  But we decided to indulge anyways.  While waiting for our meal I taught Joseph a fun game I remember from my childhood.  One of my greatest pleasures as a parent is sharing things I treasured from my childhood with Joseph (such as this game), and then adding new adventures (like camping—which is not something my family ever did).


Back to the water after dinner and the storm.


Attempt at a selfie.


Sleeping well.  It just makes me so happy to know he spent all day outside dirty and active.  By the way, tent camping at 8 1/4 months was really pretty doable.  I did have to roll over every once in a while to get comfortable, but it wasn’t too bad.  Actually our biggest problems were 1) when I killed the car battery at the store and 2) everyone trying to get a hold of me on my cell phone, which does not work there! 


Swim lessons started the day we packed up camp.  Here Joseph waits for the first lesson with best bud tanner.


A lego night at the library.


“Reading” the last Harry Potter, which he earned through the summer reading program at the library. 

Trying to catch up on pictures before this baby comes.  I am so happy with all the fun we have had this summer!