Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weeks 34 & 35


Weeks 34&35 update-7/20/13

How big is baby? The size of a coconut!

Appointment Updates: I had my 36 week appointment earlier this week. I was back with my normal dr. and everything went pretty well. She said my belly button hernia is nothing to worry about at all, very, very small and hardly noticeable. We went over my list of questions, had a quick exam and ultrasound. She said I am 2 ½ cm. dilated, 50% effaced. I am trying not to get too excited about this—I know one that can stay this way for a LONG time. But at least it is progress in the right direction!  Also, baby is head down and facing sideways—towards my right.

Best Moment of the week: Probably our Hampton Beach trip. This is about Joseph’s favorite thing in the world. I was a little nervous about making it happen this year, but we pulled it off. There were some stressful points, but also lots of fun. The water was WAY warmer then last summer and I do love swimming with Joseph!

Sleep: Mostly ok. Sometimes a little trouble falling asleep if I get worked up about something.

Food aversions: Not a one.

Food cravings: Ice cream. Iced coffee. And best of all the combination of both: a MacDonald's chocolate chip mocha frappe. I got a large one for the drive home from Hampton Beach and it was amazing. It was also very effective since it was the first caffeine I had had in 9 months.

Symptoms: Big, huge. A little crampy and pressure sometimes. Also a little cranky…Oh an of course lots of trips to the bathroom.  Joseph is getting a little fed up with all the bathroom breaks.  I finally showed him a diagram of how squished my bladder is to help him understand!

Maternity clothes: I am mostly wearing tank tops and skirts that are stretchy but not maternity since it is so hot.

Weight: Up 30 pounds. Still pretty happy with my weight gain—especially as compared to last time. This also includes all the treats and yummyness on our trip.

Mommy movement: Staying somewhat active. Lots of moving around at work and tons of walking during our trip.

Baby movement: Sometimes lots, sometimes not as much. Baby did bounce around what seemed like the entire time I was driving to and from Hampton Beach.  Maybe the large mocha frappe had something to do with that?

Gender: ???

What I miss: Not having to worry so much—I find it pretty stressful trying to figure out where the line is for what might not be a good idea while pregnant. I try to do everything I normally would, but realize especially now sometimes I might need to be a little conservative.

What I am looking forward to: Baby. Being done worrying about labor and delivery. I think about it almost constantly.

Getting ready for baby: Our Hampton Beach trip was the last of the major things I wanted to do for fun this summer. Now I am hoping to focus more on getting ready for baby, but I’ve been working and don’t seem to have that much energy left over. All I really want to do is swim!

Next appointment: Next week—weekly appointments now!


JG said...

Another amazing pic! You are getting so close... you look so round! I can't believe you are walking around so dilated and effaced... I definitely haven't done that! It makes your baby feel very imminent to me! That is so cute that you showed Joseph a diagram of your squished bladder... it's amazing how much the older sib can comprehend. Sophia still occasionally brings up sperm, which was her favorite part of a baby video we watched over and over! Haha. We really need to chat... labor and delivery are 2 of my favorite topics. Here is a little unsolicted advice: With Kaia I kept fighting my contractions (tensing up and muscling through them), until I ASKED my labor nurse (who was mostly pretty good) if I should be tensing or relaxing and she said relaxing. Well, as soon as I started focusing on relaxing my muscles and breathing deeply through my contractions everything progressed better AND I felt better and much more "zoned out." It all clicked! A funny thing is that I really knew I should be relaxing, but I felt like that made my labor look too easy and it would encourage the nurses to start sticking pitocin-IVs in me. OMG. :)

Meredith said...

You look so good! And 2.5cm is very jealousy-inducing, haha. Glad you had a good trip to the sea. McD's mocha frappes are my massive guilty treat. I leave off the whipped cream to make me feel better about myself ;)