Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weeks 32 and 33


Weeks 32&33 update-7/5/13

How big is baby? The size of a durian ??? whatever that is. I get these estimates from The site also says for this week that baby “weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And he may grow up to a full inch this week -- amazing.”

Appointment Updates: I had my 34 week appointment an yesterday. I met the third Dr. at my practice, whom I had not yet met, and really liked him. My blood pressure was up a little bit which is actually good since it has been so low. I got my tdap vaccine which makes me nervous but I decided to go with, based on the Dr.’s recommendation. Heart beat was 140s. Dr. thinks baby is in head down position. He gave me a lot of straightforward information, suggesting that I have my membranes stripped starting at 38 weeks to try and avoid needing to be induced, and that I think carefully about if I still want to try for a VBAC if I do need to be induced, because that ups the risks. He also suggested I talk to the nurses in Labor and Delivery and that I might not really need a doula, that perhaps the nurses can provide a similar support. He also said I will have a dedicated nurse the whole time I am in labor because of my VBAC status, which I did not know. Oh an the Dr. said I have hernia on my belly button ?!?!?!? Yuck. This kind of freaked me out. I have had such and awesome pregnancy and no yuckiness, and now it is starting. So BAM after feeling completely fine I started feeling DONE. Now I am getting over it abit. My belly button looks pretty normal, just like it is popping out a bit. The Dr. said it very nonchalantly and didn’t seem worried at all. Looking it up on the internet did not help of course . . .

Best Moment of the week: Oh my gosh—we have done so much and had such fun!

Sleep: Sleeping fine, though up at least once, sometimes twice to pee. Boo. Oh and I do surround myself with pillows to get nice and comfy.

Food aversions: Nope.

Food cravings: All things lemon? Lemonade especially. Yum. Also anything cold—ice cream and fruit topping the list.

Symptoms: Big. Dry skin. Some acne though a little better.

Maternity clothes: Yup—plus some very stretchy non maternity clothes, which makes me happy. My skirts, tank tops, and bathing suit are all non-maternity so hopefully I can get use out of them after baby.

Weight: Up 28 pounds—which is a tiny bit of a slower gain then before so I am happy. For some perspective I gained 60+ when I was pregnant with Joseph so I feel like I am doing pretty well!

Mommy movement: Boo. Not even tracking my exercise like before, but I am still trying to stay active. I was proud of myself for hiking around Ausable Chasm with Joseph and grandpa Bernie!

Baby movement: Sometimes lots, sometimes not as much. For awhile baby had lots of hiccups, but not as much lately.

Gender: ???

What I miss: Not worrying about baby’s health, labor and delivery. Not having to ask for help moving heavy things or dealing with toxic substances. I hate having to ask for help and rely on others! Oh and not have to try and decide on a name.

What I am looking forward to: Making some progress on getting ready for baby. Meeting this little person!

Getting ready for baby: Not doing so great. Ugh. We’ve just been so busy and I am not making much progress. I seriously think I am missing the cleaning/organizing gene. I have been struggling just to keep the house normal clean and I so want it to get SUPER clean, but not sure how that is going to happen. However, I am pretty excited to pick up a car-seat from Genevieve this week! She generously offered me hers after I posted on here last time. Thank you! I’ve started some major lists about what I want to accomplish before baby and am trying to prioritize. I think it is time to get serious—however I am really more interested in enjoying the summer and doing fun summer things . . .

Next appointment: The week after next for my 36 week appointment. And I’ll get an ultrasound (to verify baby’s position).


JG said...

Best. Preggo. Photo. Ever. You Look AMAZING! I'm starting to feel like it's "go-time" too! Just think... in just a couple of weeks you'll hit 37 and baby will be full term!!! You are definitely radiating a "ready" vibe. I'm starting to get excited! :)
Now, you just keep in mind that I called you early in the morning on Oct 3 when I was in labor! I expect you to return the favor!! ;)
Also, I remember seeing some texts from you while I was in labor and, while I think I was mostly too focused to manage to text back, I adored getting support from you. I'll pay it back!
The VBAC news is very interesting and exciting. Stripping the membranes! Woo-hoo! My SIL, Laura, "induced" herself 3 times with castor oil, but the 3rd time made her pretty sick and dehydrated. But certainly lots of "toileting" and walking won't hurt. ;)You look amazing, you have what you need, and baby is just around the corner... enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

Nice note, JG. Ruth, I'd be happy to help you fix up and clean your house, maybe after you get back from the weekend. Best, RB