Saturday, November 21, 2015

August in random order--friends, fair, Philly, fun, fun, fun

Catching up, catching up.  We had such a wonderful summer!

Jenn and family visited--obviously a huge highlight!  Best friends for 27 or so years?

Fair time--Joseph loves rides like this.  


Night out--these girls are still crazy.  Not me of course.  It's all their fault.

Arm Wrestling!

First time at the races! 

Wow--these really jump around between fair and friend visits...but they were all the same week.  Second and Third place in arm wrestling. 

They got to ride around the track for a lap in the race cars.  Joseph LOVED the whole experience!

Brad's summer free time project


Pig races


Found random old high school friends at the bar?  Crazy. 

Posing at great-grams 

End of summer reading party at our library.  SO FUN!!!

The littlest superhero

Dad's summer free time project


Demo derby with some buddies!

All the kiddos at our house!

Rides with friends

Mason is always a good match for Joseph because he likes the crazyest rides too

The river is so incredibly beautiful

Since Brad was working just a couple of minutes away he could bring Joseph with him!

 We decided to make our own little fire pit and even cooked our dinner on it (in little foil packets)

A trip to Philly too!

Philly cheese steaks!

A trip to target

Enjoying Waverly (where my grandmother lives) in the summer.  It was amazing!

Our favorite restaurant--Hymie's!

Yup--we just ordered "a piece" of cake. Can you see why it is our favorite?

Visiting great uncle Edward

And a science museum (slash Disney land)

Riding a bike three stories up

And a trip to Great Escape when we returned.

Screamin Deamon!

Nora "working"

Back to Jenn's visit.

Nora trying to be just like super cool Jenn

The arm-wrestling champs

River time with friends

Back to our Philly trip.  I don't really remember the drive over to well.  I think I blocked it out.  Nora might not be the best traveler, but she is the cutest!

A 1920 or so (?) ad for a Bernstein business

This is at great (or for them great-great?) uncle Edwards.  We had a wonderful visit.

I believe this was the first time we had visited Selma during summer and I had no idea how beautiful Waverly was!  We kept discovering new places to explore.

Gram Nora's 90th Birthday party--not many pics I guess.  It was a nice party, except for a family feud that tainted it...but I tried to make the best.

Little Nora's 2nd Birthday!!

Grandma came through we lots of presents 

Bob and Joseph made her cake!  (Can you tell things were kindof busy?  Plus her birthday happened to be on my first day back to work and the first school board meeting of the glad the grandparents all made sure it was a special day!)

And---first day of Third grade!