Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jenn and Sophia Visit (pictures long over-due)

AHHHHH! Joseph and Sophia were so adorable together (most of the time). First kiss at Cubber's; how classic!

We had a wonderful and busy visit with Jenn and Sophia just after Christmas. I've been procrastinating going through all the pictures because there were so many cute ones, but here they finally are. Also, I can't seem to change the order, so apologies. Many of these pics are "borrowed" from Jenn and there are many more on her blog (here).

What a gorgeous, wonderful girl!

Dancin' and jammin' at Bob's

New Year's Eve at Dan's Place, then Two Brother's. We even got my dad out for a drink and then later enjoyed some dancing on old friends!

We took Jenn and Sophia to the Ilsley Library and had a great visit.

Dancing at Steve's Dinner

Sophia in the shirt I made her

Christmas/New Years Get-together at Michele's. I love this photo! It was really wonderful to get all us "old" friends together.

Joseph sharing his drink with Sophia

Back to our play-time at Bob's


JG said...

FINALLY! It was way fun to see new Christmas photos through your blog...there are def some that I will be stealing and printing! We had SO much fun...can't wait to see you in August! Thanks for the praise for Sophia, too :) It feels really good, and it really matters to me, that we love each other's kids...and we do!

Anonymous said...

Two of the MOST gorgeous kids and most gorgeous Mommies. What fun! Anonymous GG