Thursday, January 14, 2010


The devastation in Haiti is unimaginable and terrifying.

Here is a note posted on Facebook by a knowledgeable SMC classmate about the situation, including recommendations for donations.

It took me quite a while to decide where to send money, but I finally decided on Save the Children.

Also, while I am on the subject I thought I would share my current list of other favorite charities:

Addison County Readers, Inc. -This is the brand new website for the organization with which I am most active. We work very hard to sponsor the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program here in Addison County. A free book is sent each month to all registered children birth to age five. Every child in Addison County is eligible and approximately 850 currently receive books.
Wells Mountain Foundation-Organization founded by my close family friends, Tom, Carol, and Jordyn Wells. We sponsor around 30 students in developing countries pursuing post-secondary education as well as numerous programs here and abroad, including Addison County Readers.
Vermont Public Radio
Saint Michael's College
Women Safe
Bristol Friends of the Arts
Rokeby Museum
Tari Shattuck Education Foundation-The foundation formed soon after my mother passed away in her memory to support educational activities here in Addison County.
Platt Memorial Library-My local library.
Addison County Parent Child Center
Counseling Service of Addison County
Petra Foundation-Foundation founded after the passing of my second cousin.
United Way of Addison County

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Thanks for discussing this, Ruth.