Wednesday, September 22, 2010



It has been really hard to photograph the kitties, but here they are!  Let me introduce you to, from left to right, Bixby (all black), Milo (funny asymmetrical white markings on face), Banjo (grey and by far the biggest), Adelaide (symmetrical white markings on her face), and Moxi (white nose and the bravest, she/he was the first to leave the nest and always the first to explore new places).  I have been having so much fun with my first kittens ever!  They were 5 weeks last weekend, which is apparently nearly grown in kitty terms.  They have a new bed/nest closer to the rest of the house (Margot had the babies in an extremely hidden out of the way place).  Mom often leaves the babies though and they even found there own little place (a basket of dishtowels).  They use their litter boxes (I have 4, 2 I made with short sides and 2 normal ones and I have to clean them CONSTANTLY).  They eat tons of wet food and now even eat moistened dry kitty food.  They are free to come and go throughout the house as the please.  Oh yeah, and I know their new homes will probably change the weirdo names I gave them, but it was fun ;-)

Some old pics from when they were just a week. 

And more recent pics:

IMG_0163  IMG_0095 IMG_0117 IMG_0112IMG_0148

My big question now is, should I keep one?  And if so which—either Moxi or Banjo?


Anonymous said...

Nice, Ruth. I enjoyed especially the first photograph and your discussion of them.



JG said...

YAY! Finally...kittens!!! YES, keep one! I vote for Moxie. Or just keep 2 and keep both Moxie and Banjo? I LOVE the names you gave them! (Moxie is my fave, but Banjo and Milo are close!)... I'm also partial to Adelaide, since Trav and I lived on Adelaide Ln in Montana, so that name has super good vibes! :) If I lived in VT I'd totally take a kitten or 2 --they're the cutest!!!