Friday, September 3, 2010

Overheard 3

  • “Does Spider Man have a family?”
  • “How do you get babies in your tummy?”
  • “Why does he want to be pirate?”
  • “I was just joking mommy.”
  • “What makes it rain?”
  • “Why did daddy build our house on a dirty road?”
  • “I like you Mama.”  “I like you soooo much.”  (He definitely has the ability to express himself  very well now.  He can and does say extremely sweet things without prompting.  However, it also goes the other way, as in he can let me know when he is not feeling so happy about things.  But I am leaving those not so pleasant quotes out for now. 
  • “I want a big brother and a big sister.”
  • “Is GG (great-grandmom) an old girl?”
  • “I will get in the car and drive us there” (When I told him we were going to go to the beach the next day and he was mad because we couldn’t go then.)
  • “Your tummy is like pudding!” (ha.) 
  • “My name is Josephrogerbergevin” (all one word)
  • “You can be a cowboy girl mommy!”
  • “I am going to kindergarten next year.”  This was earlier this summer when talk first came up at daycare about the three children headed off to “big-kid school.”  Finally, by talking about it A LOT we have convinced Joseph that he will eventually get his chance.  Now he will tell you, “I will go to kindergarten when I am five.”  Or, I will go to kindergarten in two years.”  I can’t believe it is so close.  And let’s hope he keeps the excitement! 
  • “Who built this?”  “Who made this?” “Was this made in a factory?” (over and over again)  “Why did they make this???”  Etc. . .
  • “Let’s go to the Halfway House Restaurant!”  He ALWAYS wants to go there.  He usually orders, “chocolate milk, french fries, chicken nuggets, a plate, and ketchup.”
  • Oh and the potty humor.  SOOO much potty humor.  Anything is funny if you say “butt” or “fart” or “poopy” with it.  Great.  I just block it out.  Brad fully enjoys it.  Ask him for the quotes. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ruth, very nice. I thnkj one question is, 'If young people say things that we feel are so touching amusing, why do not older people have the same effect as often?'



JG said...

Ok I'll comment on this one! Too cute! I love how expressive and assertive he is...nobody will ever push him around! I like the dirty road comment. And the sweet one. :) He is a mega-sweetie! I'll have to ask Brad for the potty comments. Haha

Ruth said...

I certainly think older people say many very interesting things. If you had someone spending almost ALL their time with and attention on you, they too could come up with many amusing and touching blog posts. In addition young people are just barely figuring out about the world and language, so it is very entertaining to witness.

Btw, the potty talk is getting a little out of hand I have decided and I am going to try and crack down. But, good to remember to value his expressive and assertiveness!