Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jenn & fam visit/ Alice & Ricky wedding!!

So, I know it took me forever, but I am finally posting pics from Jenn’s visit and Alice’s wedding.  My excuses are: most of you who actually look at this were there, plus I stole 1/2 the pics from Jenn, who is my most devoted follower, so I didn’t feel like there was that much new to share.  Anyways, it was tons of fun and so great to spend time with many, many old friends.  Thanks also for the pics Jenn and sorry I am such a picture slacker! 


The busy and fun week started with Alice’s bridal shower on Lake Dunmore. 


Joseph helped the girls for a minute


This was the first time J and Sophia got to play!



The next day we went to Jenn’s parents house in Lincoln to spend some time at the river.

 IMG_0179 IMG_0184


Alice, Jenn, and I with Sophia.  The older generation (yikes!) all have been best friends since we were 4 or 5.  Amazing!


Afterwards J and I went to spend some time with Nora (greatgram)

   IMG_0203 IMG_0207

Sophia and Jenn then came to visit us at our house.

 IMG_0215 IMG_0219 IMG_0225  034[1] 051[1]


J was very tired after all this playing!


IMG_0021 IMG_0025 IMG_0035   IMG_0040

Rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and rehearsal after-party ;-)  The wedding was at the Lincoln Church which we all attended throughout our childhoods.  The dinner was at Jenn’s house and  we had so much fun!

IMG_0045  IMG_0057 6[1]IMG_0068

Getting ready!

 IMG_0069   IMG_0085


 IMG_0088     14[1] 15[1] 

The big moment!



Sooo much fun dancing!

   26[1] 28[1]

Party time!     


JG said...

YES! Now my life can resume! Ugh, it's so hard to be your biggest blog follower when there's nothing new to follow! Haha.
OMG, my ability to make super silly faces never ceases to amaze even me...I think I'm getting better at it?! Thanks for the pics...I love the post-rehearsal party pics! And Joseph and Sophia really are the cutest, aren't they??!! We had so much fun with him! He's the king of fun! Just wish we could see you more...sigh...

Ruth said...

You have amazing talents for silly faces. It was sooo much work to sort all these and post them and everything! I don't know how you do all the pics you do. Wish we could all play more often ;-)