Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sometimes things don’t go perfect.  Or anywhere near.  Maybe J doesn’t act right . . . or Brad . . . life . . . sometimes I don’t even behave!  And I tend to boil over rather easily.  The furor passes quickly, making it clear that life does go on, but lately I have been working on avoiding the overflow altogether.  This summer I actually made a list (have you figured out how much I love lists?) of the things that help me simmer down.  The things that help me gain perspective. 

  • LEAVES—this is honestly number one.  When I start getting steamed I picture (or go look at) the luscious row of trees behind our house that make up a virtual wall of green leaves.  Something about the multitude and vivaciousness is great for me.  I will never forget driving home from getting glasses and being able to see all the leaves as separate differentiated entities, rather than a mass of green.  Driving I still find myself amazed by the leaves (especially with this beautiful summer!).
  • keeping my mouth shut for a minute and just breathing instead
  • VPR—I listen to the radio A LOT and have realized the reason I so appreciate it is because the stories help me step outside myself and gain perspective
  • stepping outside (physically).  See the sun or rain, the leaves, or the stars and moon . . .
  • lately, just watching or cuddling with my kitties
  • Peaking in on J sleeping
  • water—swimming would be best, but sometimes a shower helps as well.  Or even playing in J’s little pool or with the hose.  Maybe I should try a bath?  This is a luxury I have never really tried. 
  • I tell myself, “just keep moving” or alternatively give in to doing nothing.  If it’s getting late: just go to bed!
  • Prioritizing.  I cannot do it all.  And I certainly can’t do it all perfectly.   

There are also plenty of things I hope to start doing in order to keep myself on as much of an even keel as possible.  Exercise would be great; I would love to start doing yoga again.  I am putting a big effort into cleaning, organizing, and maybe even decorating the house.  Pleasant surroundings are good for anyone.  Institute more of a constant schedule and expectations.  Organizing my commitments.  Getting lots of sleep. Oh, and I should get back to eating healthy . . .











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JG said...

Ruth, I really appreciate this post. For one thing, those pictures are beautiful. Between the pics and the writing I totally got choked up... there are moments when I ache for VT (or even MT) so much I feel all swollen inside. I agree that having peaceful and quality surroundings (like a clean, well-decorated home) are good for one's well-being BUT I would like to point out that you've got it nailed on the "stepping outside" tactic... you live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. I took for granted what a long way a beautiful landscape will go towards cultivating peace and even spirituality, and I think that VT landscape is one of your greatest assets! Also, totally related to the experience of seeing individual leaves! I remember that ride home after getting my glasses too! I couldn't believe how stunning and vivid leaves could be. And strands of hair. All sorts of things. And TAKE A BATH! I took a bath for the first time in a long time last night...there's nothing like lavendar bath salts (I mix mine with Epsom salts because I'm cheap!) and a cold glass of water, maybe a glass of wine, a good book and a hot bath. It feels like pure, selfish luxury. Try it!
Love the post. Thanks for giving me something to think/ feel all morning!