Monday, September 20, 2010

Finishing up August Pictures

I cannot believe how many pictures I have from August.  Here are the last of them!


I took a week off work after the end of the summer program.  One day J and I went up to the Echo Museum in Btown.  There was an entire underwater ship, complete with treasure, to explore!

IMG_0147IMG_0152 - Copy



Our favorite part was operating the robotic bugs!

IMG_0159 - Copy 

IMG_0166 IMG_0169


And, a new dragon mask!

Another vacation day we met up with friends April, Megan, and Thomas for some apple and raspberry picking here in Shoreham.  SSOOOOOO beautiful!

 IMG_0192  IMG_0194 IMG_0197 - Copy


April let the kiddos play in her car when they were bored with picking.

 IMG_0200 - Copy 

And this is how that ended!

IMG_0202IMG_0203 - Copy  IMG_0205

That weekend we spent Sunday at the cabin (my grandmother’s house) in Lincoln to celebrate her 85th Bday (it would also have been Roger, my grandfather’s birthday, as well as their anniversary if he was still alive).


Looking good!

IMG_0211  IMG_0216 IMG_0227


IMG_0229 - Copy 

I love this pic.  I have one very similar of my mom and I.

IMG_0235 - Copy IMG_0252 IMG_0261

Matching boys!

IMG_0266 IMG_0271

Headed out on a “paper chase:” a long involved game that we used as our diversion so we could get ready for the surprise part of Gram’s party.


Our desert spread!



Waiting for the birthday girl

IMG_0276 IMG_0277



The supportive, fun, loving group.  Thanks for coming out everyone!

IMG_0285 IMG_0286 IMG_0288 IMG_0291

Wonderful celebration


And J, at home, being J!

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JG said...

LOVE the pics! Wish I could have been at Nora's party! Looks like a lot of Vermonty fun :D
Hmm...that Megan girl sure is a cutie... J knows we have a contract, right??!!