Monday, April 7, 2008

New kitchen!!!

There it is. I love the new kitchen soo much!!! It is even more special because Brad did all the work himself, including making the cabinets and laying the tile. The sink, dishwasher (yay!), stove, and microwave (with range hood) are all new.

Nothing new here, I just thought it looked pretty, especially with my Easter flowers from Amy!


JG said...

Yay, I finally get to see the kitchen! I just left you a super long email, but I go on and on about the kitchen! I love the wood, and the tile. I love your colors, and how summery and warm it looks! It's really beautiful. Brad is such a genius! You are soooo lucky. Now I need pics of the rest of the house!

Anonymous said...

OOOO, it looks so nice! I am so jealous of the kitchen! It's a dream--so much counter space, and it's really clean-looking! The paint looks good, too. Good choice.


Anonymous said...

Hey, R, it's not just that B made this and did such a nice job, but that he did it so fast. Good work on his part and it's nice that yuo appreciate so.

Thanks for having me over for supper tonight, I really enjoyed it.

Readers, the next thing she is going to show you, I'll bet, is pictures of her little chickens.


JG said...

I want pictures of the chickens!