Saturday, April 26, 2008

Les Animaux

The chickens really do exist and here is proof. We are having so much fun with them and they seem to enjoy themselves roming all over. It feels like a party here everyday with all the activity!

There the chickies are! Yay!
Floyd, Maybelle, Leona, Dorris, Hattie, Gyneth and Mrs. Perfect. Do you see the pattern?

Our first eggs! We get about three or four a day. I am starting to be able to tell who lays which ones.

Joseph helps with the building.
The door has a little window now too.

The lucky man himself: Floyd. He is loud and stupid, but very pretty.

Maybelle! She seems to be the smartest and sweetest. Or maybe she is really weird.

Leona on her eggs

We can't forget about beautiful kitty.


Anonymous said...

What? You really have animals! And I thought you were faking. Or are those photographs taken in some alternative reality?



JG said...

Ruth! I am SO happy to see the chickens! They look so fun and I am totally dying to have chickens of my own! Someday...
Also, I love the pictures of Kitty. That cat could be a model! Very pretty.
Sorry I've been out of gets out this Friday and the fiscal year wraps up on Thurs so I'm a little busy. I'll make up for it later! Good luck with the teaching job!

JG said...

I want some walking videos!
(um, once again I am not going to believe you until I see it!)