Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picture fatigue

I go through spells with my picture taking.  Sometime I worry I am focusing too much on taking pictures and preserving the moment for the future and for others.  I don’t want to lose enjoying the moment for us NOW.  Plus it seems a bit indulgent.  And what to do with all the pics?  Also, we have all been a bit sicky.  Halloween I certainly normally take pics—I mean all kids look adorable dressed up—but I was really out of it.  Not a single pic exists from this years Halloween.  Did it really happen? ;-)  It did, some parts were fun, and luckly we have plents off dress up pics and memories since it is a daily occurance around here anyways. 

Anyways, here are a couple photos that have been hanging out on my camera:


J sleeping with Shu-shi (shoe-shee), his best bud in the entire world.  We decided to keep the last uncleamed of Margot’s kittens.  He is almost all black and such a doll.  Really, he has been dressed up and carried around and tucked into bed and put in all sorts of containers and much, much more.  For some reason he puts up with it all and then comes back for more.  And then cuddles J when he is sleeping.  The majority of J’s waking time at home is spent playing with little Shu-shi.




We LOVE visit Grandma and grandpa and their beautiful horses!





 IMG_0144 IMG_0149


Halloween weekend we spent all Saturday at the festivities in Middlebury to celebrate both Halloween and the opening of the new bridge.  This was lots of fun!






Pretty cattle in the sun (at West Street Dairy, where Bogie came from).



 IMG_0154 IMG_0161

One of my very favorite memories this month: our first snow and snow day!  I was sent home from work, picked up J, and Brad even came home from work.  It looks kind of lame, but J convinced me to get out his sled, and he was right: we could actually get up some good speed going down the driveway.  It was great to celebrate the natural holiday with lots of play outside (in weather when almost everyone else did not venture out) and then with (homemade) hot cocoa after.  Our first snow tradition!





Second trip to the dentist.  He was great!




 IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Walking across the new bridge and watching the river and train.

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0012

Only pictures from Thanksgiving.  They had fun making letters with their bodies as well as doing all sorts of other tricks.  We spent the morning at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Shoreham and then headed to Great-grams in Lincoln for the evening and a sleepover.  Lots of fun!! 

This morning at the library Joseph also got his very own library card.  We finished “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (his first chapter book) and felt this was a good way to celebrate.  So cute and exciting.  I am feeling extremely happy and thankful lately.  Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is good!


Anonymous said...

Library card? Very nice. I can remember my father--like you, Ruth, a loyal user of local endeavors--taking me into the huge Philadelphia Free Library (started by Ben. Franklin and all made in about 1920, of marble and granite, and large as high school buildings, maybe several put together) and showing me around. He knew a librarian there, and introduced me and I never forgot this, I had the impression that both he and the librarian--to be so in charge and knowledgeable-- were leaders of society.


Ruth said...

Why library card with a question mark? Love the story of you and grandpop!

JG said...

Librarians (and likely your father) ARE leaders of society! What would our society look like without libraries? It's amazing how infallible and super-human adults seem when you're a kid, isn't it?
Ruth, one of my favorite memories is of your dad offering to let me attempt to persuade him into allowing us to do something that he'd already been disinclined to allow us to do. It was the first time an adult treated me with respect, and I felt so incredibly validated. I think it's important to nurture an honest and respectful relationship with children, and to avoid belittling or dismissing them, and I think the library card is lovely and appropriate. I think it demonstrates a parent/child relationship that I am also striving for... as usual, you're one of my favorite mothering role models! :)
And the pic of Joseph snuggling with the cat? My favorite!!!