Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introducing: Bogie!


This is our newest animal friend, Bogie.  He is about a month and a half old Angus/Holstein cross steer calf the we bought from my friends Alice and Ricky (look at that terminology I have figured out!  steer means castrated male).  We have actually had him since he was three weeks old, but I was a little hesitant to post because he ended up getting pretty sick right after arriving.  The weather was cold and rainy, we made a mistake putting to big a hole in the bottle, plus all the other changes combined to have him lying down and listless.  He still always ate at least, but I was out there at night covering him with blankets and praying he would pull through.  I ended up have to even take his temp and give him some shots!  He still is pretty skinny in my uninformed opinion, but I think he will be alright.  It has been quite an adventure.  Joseph has been pretty involved helping me give him a bottle and now a bucket of milk two or three times a day, cleaning out the barn, getting him hay, etc . . .  Of course Joseph has some funny ideas as well:  he does not believe that Bogie is going to be bigger then George (the goat) and he likes to make a big nest for them out of hay.  Joseph also came up with the name.  His full name is Bogis Bean after two of the characters in the book we are reading (Fantastic Mr. Fox).   

IMG_0164 IMG_0178

Oh yeah, let’s not forget why we have him: to eat!  I know that is disagreeable to some of you, but for our family we enjoy being close to our food sources. 

IMG_0185 IMG_0200

Yes George, we still love you.  You can always strike a pose!  And I think you too are going to be surprised when Bogie outgrows you!

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JG said...

FINALLY!!! It was nice to meet Bogie :) He sure is a cutie, and looks happy... good luck murdering him. LOL! JK :)
Is George happier now???