Saturday, November 6, 2010


Genevieve from Life on Terrace “tagged” me with these questions and I decided to play along.  Btw, Gen is a childhood friend with a wonderful blog and the most beautiful son; go visit!

Funny/Silly Questionnaire:

{1}: If you could be in any TV show when you were a kid what would it be?

Well, that is a funny question for me, given I didn’t watch TV at home while growing up.  I vaguely remember obsessing about some show call “Xera Princess of Power” I watched at my neighbors when I was little.  Then, in elementary I used try and force my best friend and her two brother’s to watch Maury instead of cartoons afterschool at THEIR house.  What does that say?  Yikes. 

I was more of a reader though and loved identifying with “old fashioned” characters such as Anne of Green Gables.  

{2}: What has been your favorite Christmas gift as a child?

I can’t think of any particular Christmas gift.  I do remember begging and begging for a “Baby Alive” which my parents were totally against.  Finally my grandparents got it for me and what a letdown.  I remember my mom and I giving my dad real coal in his stocking.  I also remember figuring out there was no Santa because I stayed up late and my Aunts started filling the stockings in front of me.  

{3}: What actress would you want to play you if your life was a movie?

No idea.  I can’t stay awake through a whole movie so I don’t watch them.

{4}: What decade fad do you wish would come back?

Ok, these are kind of strange questions.  I thought this read something about when would you like to go back to, and I of course was going to write about say “Little House on the Praire” times.  Oh I know--I would really like big curly hair 80’s hair to be in again.  That would be good for me. 

{5}:What song describes your life?

Again, can’t think of anything.  Sorry, lame I know.

{6}: What was your favorite subject in school?

For the most part I liked everything in elementary and hated everything in high school and then loved it all again in college.  Overall though English type classes are my favorite.  I have great memories of poetry (which was a whole subject to itself in 4-6 grade).  In college my favorite classes were those in the humanities.

{7}: If you could have a dream job for a day what would it be?

My dream would be to direct some sort of great, amazing, changing the world organization.  My more practical dreams right now are to be a social worker or a librarian. 

{8}: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Ummmmmmmmmmm . . . snake, bird, cat, some sort of big, non-hunted water animal?  They all have it pretty hard actually . . . I like being a human, indoors in the winter and for the most part in control of my life!

Now, play along if you would like and answer these on your blog!


Anonymous said...

"I pretty much liked everything in elementary and hated everything in high school and then loved it all again in college."

That;s concise and I'm pretty sure that's accurate. Can you explain why?


JG said...

Um, I believe it's "Xena," not Xera. You WERE always a little pushy about TV... funny thing is, I'm married to a TV-bossy britches now! Ever since we got rid of our TV Travis is just like you were: whenever we visit someone with a TV he turns it on right away and monoplizes the remote and doesn't pay attention to anything else. Not that we let you monopolize the remote ;)
These were fun to read! I think I'll give it a try on my blog... and I think you should work on finding your song!!!

Ruth said...

Bob-As I was writing that I was thinking how strange, but true it seemed. I don't really know why, and certainly hope that I'm not doomed if I pursue more schooling. For the most part I think that it was just a bad combination of development, culture, life that made highschool so torturous. Whenever I meet someone who says they enjoyed high school I think they most be a different breed than I. And Jenn--ok I thought of actresses: Kathreen Heigl or Kate Hudson and for songs, "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" or "I'll Fly Away." Mostly they are just songs I am very sentimental about. I still can't believe I even somtimes made you all watch Maury. Though I would still probably think it more interesting the Gargoyles.