Monday, November 22, 2010

Playgroup leader to be, waterfalls of pee, and inviting the whole world to our house . . .

At three-and-a-half (WOW!) Joseph can really express himself and it is very entertaining!!!  Every evening I have a whole list of funny things J said to share with Brad.  Many are lost, but here are a few:  

  • “I have a big brain!”
  • “I am growing soooo much!”
  • “When I grow up I am going to be a playgroup leader.”  (This is what he said when he figured out that I was going to be the playgroup leader and he therefore doesn’t get to go anymore.)
  • “Look at this big waterfall!”  (While peeing.)
  • Me: “What are you doing?”   J: “Building a house.”   Me: “Oh.  Who is the house for?”  J: “It’s for sale.  It costs 300 dollars!”  (This is very expensive; he is always selling things but they are usually, 1, 2, or $10.)  
  • “I am the Dada shark and you are the mama, Salsa.  Our babies are Tucker and Conner.” (For about a week this was an almost constant game.)
  • “How did he get that hook on his arm?” (About Captain Hook.)
  • (First thing he came up with while we were talking about what we are thankful for): “I am thankful for the toys Santa is going to bring me!”
  • “Is Daddy the biggest guy ever?”
  • “Can I invite the whole world to my house for a sleep-over party?”
  • “Where do rain clouds come from?”
  • “You’re not going to be my momma anymore!” (When mad.)
  • J: “Can you tell Santa I want _____________ ?”  (All of a sudden he is VERY into the idea of wanting toys.  Definitely something we need to work on countering.  Parenting gets complex in all new ways these days.)  Me: “Well, let’s write him a letter.”  J: “Does Santa live at that store in Burlington?”  (He was remembering a store on Shelburne road that is all Christmas stuff.)  
  • “I want to be ______ for Halloween.”  “I want a _________  birthday party.”  (He talks about these things ALL THE TIME!!)
  • Momma”  All of a sudden I am momma now, as opposed to Mommy.  I don’t really know why, but I’ll take it!  Cute. 
  • Freind H: “Sit next to me Joseph!”  “Do you want to go to the restaurant?” “You can come to Boston with us Joseph!”  Hadley is a little girl we see at story hour every week.  She is one of the first friends that Joseph made all on his own, without me being friends with a parent first and arranging things.  We have taken them out to eat after story hour a couple times and now they think this should happen every week.  They are always arranging new plans, though for now most of their quality time is sitting next to each other listening to story hour, doing a craft, looking at books—H pics out all the pink ones and J all the scary ones—, and sometimes a little running and arguing.
  • “They will have ice cream buckets!”  (Tying to convince me that he should come to a Pampered Chef party with me yesterday.)


JG said...

OMG he's already building houses and selling them at a profit! I LOVE these... you should post your list every night. :)
Good luck with the Christmas presents thing... let me know how to handle that!
And I think I will be getting that pic of myself during Thanksgiving, so hopefully a comparison post soon! Maybe I'll scan a pic of Trav too and we'll do a huge comparison! Fun idea?! You should do it too! :)

Life on the Terrace said...

Oh my gosh I love all of these!! He is quite the smart guy!

Ruth said...

Thanks all! I love hearing from you Gen and Jenn ;-)