Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jan and Feb pics!

He LOVES sledding!

Brad, Amy, Bri, Joseph and I all tried out our skating legs (while Bob and Jacob joined in the fun). There was a lot of holding on to the side . . .

Joseph loves any sort of project!

We took the new ferry across Lake Champlain. Here is what is left of the old bridge.

Making--and tasting--Valentines cookies!

This past Wednesday we finally got some more snow. And we went all day without any power!

And then it warmed right up. On Friday Joseph had a good dirty wet romp. There was still 6 inches of snow and the thermometer in the sun read 96 degress.

Now we are on to our newest springtime adventure: making syrup!!

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JG said...

SYRUP! I can't wait to tell my parents...they'll be so thrilled! Where are you going to boil it? I can still remember my dad boiling his first batches of syrup in a big metal box on top of the outdoor fire pit...