Monday, November 26, 2012

First book Joseph read to me!

After, years of me reading to him, Joseph finally can return the favor . 

I think I already mentioned this in the kindergarten post, but Joseph has learned an amazing amount of academic skills since starting school.  I’m still a bit ambivalent about the amount of focus on academics, but I am very proud of his skills!

To be clear, it is a very simple book.  He is not reading fluently, but can sound out most simple words, recognize many words, and figure a lot out from the context. 

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JG said...

YAAAAYYYYY for reading! Reading is so exciting... just think of the new worlds that will be opened for our children (and perhaps some quiet time for the mommies??!! Someday!). I know that I make mental lists of books that I can't wait for Sophia to read... the Giver, Narnia, Where the Red Fern Grows, everything by Madeline L'Engel, etc. Magic.