Thursday, November 15, 2007

Milestones and measurements

Last week (11/6) Joseph turned six months. We went out to dinner (our most successful time yet! I got to eat my whole meal!) and we got him his first pair of shoes (well first that actually fit and therefore actually get used).

On November 10th it was exactly a year ago that I found out I was pregnant!

Yesterday (11/14) Joseph had his six month appointment, resulting in his new stats:

  • Weight: 24 pound, 2 ounces. Wayyyyyy off the charts, though his rate of gaining—and of growing out of clothes—has slowed. He only gained a little over 2 pounds in the last two months, compared to before when he was gaining like 5 pounds a month. (The average weight of a child at 6 months is 17 pounds).
  • Height: 28 ½ inches. Off the charts. (The average is 26 ½ inches)
  • Head Circumference: 18 ¼ inches. Guess what? Off the charts. (The average is 17 ¼ inches)

He is really starting to MOVE as well. He’s not crawling, but through a combination of rolling and scooting and shear willpower he can travel. This is both tons of fun and completely terrifying. Like most aspects of being a parent! He is such a cute, happy, outgoing guy. Come visit and see for yourself :)

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