Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Birthday Pictures

Joseph's big family birthday party:

Joseph's smaller birthday party with babygroup friends (and Father and Selma):

Joseph absolutely LOVED his big birthday party. We had about 25 family members over and even though the weather was a bit cold and grey, I think everyone had a good time. Joseph, newly walking, loved all the attention and all the food! He just wandered from one person to another, happy as could be. We had people at the house from about 1 in the afternoon until 8 at night and Joseph only fussed once (at bedtime). He would NEVER go that long without crying if it were just the 3 of us. It was also really nice to see the different sides of the family come together and the cousins making good use of the woods. And all the generous gifts were lots of fun and very appreciated as well. On Tuesday May 6th, Joseph's actual birthday I had a couple of our mom and baby friends over for another little party. Joseph wasn't quite as into this get together--I guess because he wasn't the only cute little baby this time. He totally refused the cake as you can see. But it was a good time anyways and playing in the sandbox (a gift from grandma and grandpa) was a big hit! It was really hard to take pictures during all this, with the weather and being a "hostess" and the crazyness of that time. Still we had a great time and there are lots of fun memories to satisfy my nostalgia (first birthdays are obviously more for moms than anyone else). Thanks everyone!


JG said...

Yay! What a great post! :)
Joseph is SO BIG! I just can't get over how big and powerful he looks. He looks like he could give anyone a run for their money!
I love the picture of him eating cake...what a crazy messy little boy! We have pictures of Christopher absolutely covered in food, and he was a big baby cute! Just think, 20-something years from now he'll probably have a college degree and a car payment and a job and all that other kind of stuff! CRAZY.
Loved the pictures, loved the blog. By the way, you look fantastic! I think you look more mature and prettier these days...a MILF for sure!

Amy Serekede said...

MILF - lol!! Love the pic of him and his buddy at the sandbox - too cute. Crazy how much little man changes seeing him only once a month. Crawling one month then walking around as though he's always done so the next.