Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer fun

Happy guy!

Fourth of July and Jacob's Bday weekend:

Finding treasures in the woods!



Anonymous said...

Nice photographs. A couple of them don't blow up, though (the one of JW & JB, also the one of JB & AS). Nice job.


Anonymous said...

Too bad I haven't seen Joseph since he was 8 months old! Can't wait to see you for our weekend get-together!

Amy Serekede said...

Great pics! Love the one with Joe-fish walking down the driveway - leaving home at such a young age! lol Didn't realize you took so many pics while we were there - you must put them on york photo so I can order some! We had so much fun! Also the one with Joe-fish sitting next to Aloysius was too cute.

JG said...

Ruth, I love the pictures! I know I always say this but...I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT A BIG BOY HE IS! He's like a real human! :)
His hair is amazing. Of course, Sophia's hair is pretty cool, too...a sign that they shall fall in love??? I also am really thrilled with the word thrilled that I won't even give you a hard time for including things like "beep" and "weee." Haha! Just teasing! He's amazing, and I can't WAIT to see you both! Love to you and your little guy!

JG said...

ok I put on some pics so now you don't have to look at the dog right away :)
Time for new pics on your blog!