Sunday, June 7, 2009

Appy dir-day doh-seph!!!

Well, a month ago Joseph turned two and I just finally posted the pictures (see below). Sorry! But, as you can see, we had tons of fun and probably too many parties. "Appy dir-day doh-seph" is how Joseph sings the birthday song, which he loves, especially shouting it out at the top of his lungs. Of course he got lots of practice with the song since Brad, Joseph, and I all have May birthdays. He also got really used to lots of cake and presents. On the morning of his birthday when he woke up the first thing he asked me was, "birthday cake?" I can't believe my baby is so old, but that's nothing new. Two seems like a fun age so far, lots of talking and running, dancing, new games and interests/obessions, imagination, reading, VERY strong opinions . . . it's always exciting around here!

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JG said...

Ruth these pictures are great! I have to admit, it all makes me a little sad (even teary!) looking at how big Joseph is. Can you believe you've already been a mom for over two years?! He is such a beautiful, obviously happy (maybe a bit spoiled, but that's ok!) little boy. Sophia is very pleased to be betrothed to Joseph! Haha. I love your group pictures, and appreciate the "context snaps" (like the tree blossoms) as well. He is having such a great childhood! I wish we could see you guys more often...
Oh, and yes, Sophia has a million adorable dresses! You can borrow them when you have your little girl! :D
Maybe now that you've put up Joseph's birthday post we can finally mail his present???