Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Fun

I just got a new computer (YAYY!!!), which actually works, so now I am working on catching up on my photos. Here are some more of my July photos. We had a really wonderful summer and did so many great things (more pics to come):

We finally got ALL the cousins together!

And the silly picture.

Brendan, Brianna, Amber, Jacob, and Joseph (Brendan and Bree are now both my height!)

Visit to Crown Point--the boys LOVED the old forts.

And then creemes. Yummm.

Hike up Snake Mountain with Mary (yes, she carried him the last part!)

Our landscape (farms and lake)

I don't want pictures mom, we finally made it to the top and I just want lunch.

French Heritage Day in Vergennes with Bob and Nora (great-gram).

First time playing the fiddle (with Lausaunne)
And then there was our FABULOUS camping trip! We had such a great time. Yes, it did rain two days and two nights, but it was beautiful two days as well (and one night). And that is what camping is all about.

On our paddle boat.

Bree is so wonderful playing with Joseph!

And it is incredibly exciting to me that Joseph is starting to get really comfortable in the water! (If you don't know, the water is one of my very favorite places to be.)

One rainy day we filled our time with a fun bowling trip (Joseph beat Bree, Jacob, and . . . I don't know why I am admiting this, me).

So cute.

First s'more

I think he liked it!


JG said...

Wow, he is SO cute with the cousins! I LOVE all the new pics!
I'm so glad you finally have your new I'm feeling a little more motivated to update my blog! Trav is making dinner today, so maybe I'll have the chance...

Ruth said...

You better! Actually, I still have all August pictures to post, so I am still way more behind then you. Cousins are the best hugh? Hummm, if Joseph and Sophia are both only children then there only kid won't have any cousins! We better start procreating right now!

JG said...

I'm glad we agree that 2nd cousins count.
Because one is enough for me!!!