Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ride, Joseph, Ride

The strange noises are because he thinks he IS Spider Man when riding his Spider Man bike.

About two weeks ago we did a big garage clean out. Since everything was cleared out there was room for Joseph to try riding his special bike. WOW does he love this! He rides round and round for at least 30 minutes and every day he is faster. He has had two crashes, but they don't seem to bother him much. Actually, I have been trying to post this for awhile and we are now a bit out of the habit of riding the bike. For some reason Brad decided that Joseph was ready to have his training wheels off (!?!?!?). I am pretty sure two and even three-year-olds need training wheels still. Needless to say, that did not work out and actually scared Joseph! Now he thinks his bike doesn't work and he keeps getting off to "fix the wheels." I am sure we will get him going again. Actually, it's been a nice break from the constant begging to ride his superman bike.


jenna said...

Mom is so jealous of how neat your basement is and how the floor has been sealed - I got to hear about it on the phone. I didn't get my training wheels off until I was 8! You know I've always been a little slow. Joseph is getting so BIG! You must get tons of exercise keeping up with him!

Amy said...

LOL at taking training wheels off already. Jacob still has his on and Bree just had hers taken off a couple summers ago! Joseph is a lot tougher though - I'm sure he'll have them off a lot earlier....but not this early.