Sunday, January 9, 2011

Captain Naked-Pants (more overheard from Joseph)

  • When mad at me because I wouldn’t let him have any candy Joseph threatened: “Fine, I wont eat any more candy ever!” I have also heard: “I am throwing away all my toys!” 
  • “Remember a long long time ago when Margot grew a Shu-shi foot?  She grew a kitty!”  (Margot is our one-year-old kitty and Shu-shi is her kitten, who is now bigger than her and STILL nurses btw.  We actually watched him come out.)
  • “Can I have peanut butter and jelly?” At Thanksgiving, and pretty much every other meal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We finally implemented a “once a day pb & j” rule.  
  • “I am Captain Naked-Pants!”
  • “It’s a big world!”
  • “I’m shaving” with lotion all over his face . . . 
  • “When I’m a big kid I can carry you and Shu-shi and daddy.”
  • “I am working hard.  I have to do hard work.”
  • “This is my creative toy.”
  • Me: “How old are you going to be on your next birthday?”  J: “almost 5.” (He is very aware of the fact that you start Kindergarden when you are five.  To him 5=big kid.) 
  • “That’s a really fat man.”  When a large and rather masculine women walked into the restaurant.
  • And, just now, he started doing perfect chasses, with even his arms in attitude (this is ballet step kind of like skipping sideways with one arm high and one arm at waist level).  I was very surprised and asked him where he learned this.  He said (seriously) “I felt it in my body.” (!?!?!?)  What a dancer!  ;-)
  • “Shu-shi is president!” 
  • “Where does the sun go at night?”  “Where do snowmen go at night?” 


JG said...

Here's a comment from your very bad, no-contact friend:
I LOVE these posts! I have totally been thinking of doing a post of what Sophia's been saying, but now I can't! I'm so tired of copying you! :)
I think the dance thing is amazing! It's in the blood! Have you considered enrolling him in dance?
And I love the "fat man comment"
And I feel so sorry for Margot. Time to wean the "kitten!"

Anonymous said...

“Where does the sun go at night?” “Where do snowmen go at night?”

What were your answers to these two questions?