Thursday, June 2, 2011

We’ve been busy

camping with lots of friends*visiting the library*projects*work*watching the storms come in*school*gymnastic class*Dad’s 30th bday*family picnics*finding new pets (worms and salamanders)*flying kites*hitting home runs ie. playing baseball*finding bird nests, with eggs and now babies*doing tricks on the swings*rhyming everything all the time*playing in mud*painting*screaming our heads off sometimes (ok, Brad and don’t really scream but sometimes we feel like it and J is still perfectly capable of making a huge, long, extremely trying ruckus)*making projects*watching the birds (hummingbirds love my flowers on the porch)*reading adventures—just finished Stuart Little*trying to be more clean, organized, and even fold clothes*birthday parties and more birthday parties*staying home for fun days doing “nothing”*having friends over*playing at the park*collecting flowers*finding treasure*raising a new calf and more chicks (hatched at J’s school)*working on the house*looking at other houses*cooking together (J assembled an entire lasagna completely by himself the other day)*singing silly songs*loving Rocky and Bullwinkle*watching a parade*planting*yard saling*playing on the tractor*playing games, games, and more games*weekly family dates at The Halfway House*cake making*holding hands before each meal (Joseph enforced)*and now mom is headed to the Cape with work and J has adventures with Daddy and two of his Grandpa's planned for the weekend . . .

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