Friday, January 13, 2012

more more overheard-canceling cleaning, questions, and poopy poopy poopy

When I am older than you I am going to cancel cleaning!

Why does he have a pacifier?  (guy with a cigar in a movie)

I am going to be on the red sox

It’s not a movie—it’s drawings

And SO MANY questions!  These are just from last night when I decided to write some down:

Do tarantulas eat poison to be poisonous?

How do they make toys so perfect?

How did the world make water?

How did they make the world?

How did gorillas change into people?  Were you born from a gorilla?  Was Bob?

When did animals start being alive?

How did we buy all this stuff?  Did we have lots of money?

And, lots of poop/fart/potty talk.  I know some families don’t allow this, much less go along with it.  But, lucky for Joseph I guess, Brad and sometimes even I have a similar sense of humor ;-)  This the, “I had a little turtle” song adapted by Joseph:

I had a little poop
I put him in the poop tub
to see if he could poop
he drank up all the poop
he ate up all the poop
now my poop is
sick in bed with a poop in his throat
poopy poopy poopy
poopy poopy poopy
poopy poopy poopy
poopy poopy POOP

1 comment:

JG said...

HAHA! I LOVE the poopy song! I have to admit, Travis and I also have a little potty humor. It's just hilarious how any sentence can be so funny if you swap one word with a potty word! It can be hard not to crack up!
Very profound questions, too... sometime we need a list of your answers :)